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A Brief article about how i think lost will end!

Opinion by Rock_Smurf_77 posted over a year ago
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Jacks Eye
Now I know many people are thinking that lost may end with jacks eye closing i reli like the idea of that as it links in with the beginning. However I think it would be good if in the last finale Jack sacrifices himself for the other survivors so that they can get off the Island or maybe just survive on the islnad. Then there is an exteme close up on his eye as he lies on the floor. John Locke (who may have appeared to have died or not, seeing as he was in the coffin) suddenly appears reflected in his eye. Locke then closes Jacks eye. Black scree. LOST. This would show that these two characters are connected and also end the show!!!
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filmfocus said:
i like this idea! the creators did say though that the very first few seconds on the pilot episode were VERY important... VERY indicative of what the show is all about (will try and find the link) since then i've never really thought about what they said, but your article has got me thinking...

due to the shows heavy time-travelling/displacement themes it has reminded me of the film Donnie Darko, where the main character travels back in time to save all his loved ones (sacrificing himself in the process!) are we going to see something similar?

your thoughts please
posted over a year ago.
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Thats a good idea too!!!! I think they might do something along the lines of that. Also thanks for your feedback!!!
posted over a year ago.