Lost the Offical Game

tammy63 posted on Jul 22, 2009 at 02:42PM
In 2006 (i think) game developers brought out Lost: The Offical Game for all consoles. You play a new charator who is a surviver of flight 815 and has amnegia. You interact with the Losties while trying to remeber. Has anyone played the Lost game? What did you think of it?
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over a year ago Giovanni_wasto said…
Ruddy awful. The story is completely linear and lasts about 2 hours. The only redeeming features are 1) the novelty of playing and 2) the Giacchino soundtrack. You don't even get to explore the island freely.
over a year ago alismouha said…
Not Very Bad.The story was Ok and I liked the flashback but I HATED the part where you lead Jack to the black Rock and Kate Follows,It was like a mix of the Hunting party and Live together,Die alone,Only garbagely Finished.
over a year ago tammy63 said…
People answered! #doing a happy dance# I thorght the game with okey. The graphics were okey, the charators looked spot on. The flashbacks were fun, spotting the regular charactors like Micheal, Mr Eko and Hurley. But Locke's flashback was fiddly. I didn't like the bit were the smoke monster chases you and the music goes loud. It makes me panic and die. The ending was strange, i hope the show doesn't finish like that.