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marissa posted on Jan 23, 2010 at 03:55AM
We've done it, guys. It's done, but we'll always be Lost. Remember, and let go.

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With the help of the awesome Lost Fans, we have managed to stay away from those evil spoilers!

Now, feel free to come on over and talk about what the heck we've just seen on Lost.

Got a question? A theory? A comment?
Well, my time-travelling friends, you've come to the right place.
<b>We've done it, guys. It's done, but we'll always be Lost. Remember, and let go.</b>
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over a year ago tuttleAC said…
Ooh. While a trendy new heroine habit would be fun... do you have a fancy jesus stick maybe? :D

Also i have a new episode title for an upcoming episode you spoiler Junkies might like.

Ep 04 The Smoke Monster's Chrsitmas Special
Synopsis: The Smoke Monster learns the true meaning of christmas when he shares his Christmas goose with tiny tim. A heartwarming, shocking episode you CAN'T MISS!
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
But how are we getting the Smoke Monster's Christmas special when Christmas is now long gone? Besides, I hear Ben is the next Scrooge, and Smokey is the new ghost of Christmas past, present, AND future.
over a year ago Emm_xD said…
I have no fishbiscuits! :(
I DO however have some Dharma beer. What do you say? One monkey for one beer? ;D
over a year ago tuttleAC said…
Time moves differently on the island Courtney. Duh :P

Mmmm... flat 70's beer. You got your self a deal!
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
Emm is no longer in the '70s (since the island isn't), so the beer is now fresh. :P

oooh, for the special musical finale, we should have a party with lots of fresh Dharma beer! :D
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over a year ago hayley_pace said…
I finally watched the ep! I was able to resist for two days even though it was torture!!
over a year ago Emm_xD said…
Erm... yep, what Courtney said! Now, when can I have my monkey? I already have a name for him!
over a year ago Emm_xD said…
ooh yay Hayley! I couldn't have waited two days, you must have more strength than me :P
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
Emm, what are you going to name your monkey (if you don't mind telling us)? I cannot think of any good monkey names!
over a year ago marissa said…
"oooh, for the special musical finale, we should have a party with lots of fresh Dharma beer! :D"

Also, of course I have a Jesus stick, tuttle, but I'm rather fond of it... I'll want two monkey-buttlers who can sing "I Got You, Babe" together for that.
over a year ago tuttleAC said…
Marussa: Wait... now i have to teach my monkey butlers english!? (And you can call me Patrick by the way. For a second i had no idea who tuttle was :P)

Emm: if your going to name him i'll have to give you one i haven't named yet. And no embarrassing monkey names, like "Mr. Bananacakes" or something. They don't seem to like stuff like that...(they bite if you do o.o)

Courtney: If the finale is a Kate episdoe we'll all need like ten beers :D
over a year ago marissa said…
Yes, you have to teach them English if you want my Jesus-stick!

If you can't, I might be able to trade something else, though. How about some imaginary peanutbutter? I've got loads of that stuff :P

And I promise to name my monkey something completely serious and real so he'll never be maed fun of... Dumbledore.
over a year ago Emm_xD said…
Oh no no no. I would never call him something like that. For all the trouble I've gone through just to get him he deserves more than that *nods*

I was thinking about JJ. No, not for JJ abrams, for Jacob Junior! :D

I'm not obsessed... O_o
over a year ago tuttleAC said…
Boo! I've taken a firm anti-Jacob stance! I'm 'fraid i can't trade my monkey to some one so irresponsible >.<

^Said imaginary peanut butter better not be chunky :P
Marissa... you're not gonna dress him up like a wizard, are you?
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
I've just stumbled upon some DHARMA ranch dressing and chocolate bars. I'm willing to trade all the dressing and half the chocolate (it's a precious commodity) for a monkey butler. May I have one, please? Pretty please?

Going back to the finale- if it is a Kate-centric, we'll need twenty beers each (ten per hour), so we might as well each get a 24-pack! Remember that the finale is going to be musical, and I just can't imagine Kate being a good singer! :P
over a year ago Emm_xD said…
Oh come on. You don't really expect me to name my monkey Flocke, do you? That's borderline animal cruelty! :S
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
^So true! Flocke is a terrible name, whereas Jacob is an awesome name.
over a year ago Emm_xD said…
I can't imagine Kate being a good singer either. I can't imagine Kate doing a lot, actually xD

Yeah, Courtney! Team Jacob FTW *high five*
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
*high fives back*

Good thing our Jacob isn't a werewolf. :P And he's the REAL DEAL, unlike Flocke/Smokey/whatever. ;)
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over a year ago tuttleAC said…
*Mumble Grumble Grumble!* No, i'm not saying call him Flocke. Just don't associate him with Jacob. That guy's a total wiener.
*sadly high fives self*

Maybe i'll keep all my monkey butlers to myself if you girls can't appreciate awesomeness... >.>
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
^We understand awesomeness better than you!
Jacob is the epitome of awesomeness.
over a year ago tuttleAC said…
NUH ... Wait for it.... UH!!!

Now only Marissa gets a monkey!
over a year ago Emm_xD said…

That is completely unfair! Unless... Marissa has called hers Dumbledore, right? So you obviously like wizards *nods*

I know... GANDALF! Yes! Now can I have my monkey? Pleeease? :(
over a year ago marissa said…
Now only Marissa gets a monkey!

My evil master plan has worked!
*looks around shiftily*
I mean... what evil plan?

And Em, I'm already a step ahead of you. My monkey's name will be Dumbledore Gandalf Merlin. No one will mess with him. Ever.

Also, *high fives tuttle*
I'm starting not to like this Jacob character... There's something about him I don't trust. Not that I really trust Flocke, either...
Oh well, whatever happens, I'm on Team Charlie.

Now, send my monkey buttler for fetch me some beers for the finale! If it's really going to be a Kate one, I might just drink ten on my own... TWENTY if she sings!
over a year ago tuttleAC said…
HAHAHAHA... I obviously like wizards... XD
I'll admit a hypothetical monkey dresses as a wizard is a little amusing ...

Well Emm... i might give one to you. But since you're a Jacob lover it might be one of the monkeys that likes to throw "you know what" at you. :P