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Student in love with his / her teacher
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Lisa_1999 said …
is that wht we waiting for..."love" Posted 13 days ago
Nerdbuster2 said …
I don't understand boys and love. They lie, they blame you, they make you feel stupid when you've done nothing wrong. And they cheat... it's the worst thing they can do. When they have the opportunity to tell you the truth, they still lie even though you know the truth. And when you leave, they don't fight for you, they go out and look for another victim, or lie to the other secret girlfriends they have...
Maybe not all boys are like that, but it would take a lot to convince me. Posted 1 month ago
inversegravity commented…
i agree 1 month ago
Nerdbuster2 commented…
I think most girls would... 1 month ago
ppgcowgirl said …
Never regret falling in love. Mutual or unrequited, happy or painful, short or long, supported or star-crossed, temporary or true, it all teaches lessons you'll never forget. You never walk away from love the same person, but the new person you face in the mirror will certainly be stronger and wiser. No matter how heartbreaking, first love is beautiful. It's the only one that is pure with no baggage or fears or regrets. You love without knowing what love is. Posted 2 months ago
Nerdbuster2 commented…
absolutely true, well said <3 1 month ago