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BJsRealm said …
This so called Love Club should be re-named into No Love Club! Doesn't anybody believe in love any more?! How depressing! Nobody believes in love at the first sight at all & nobody even celebrate Valentine's Day any more! What kinda of a Love Club is that? What ever happened to love & feeling romantic? Am I the only one who still believe in love & romance? I'm actually disappointed with this club tbh. There's NO love even in the Love Club!! Feel so sad now knowing that! :-( Posted 4 days ago
BJsRealm commented…
Well, I guess I can always leave this club, right? How sad! :-( 😢😢😢 4 days ago
ArtemiBatcov said …
Слава Украине! Posted 3 months ago
ArtemiBatcov said …
Есть здесь русский? Posted 3 months ago