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Opinion by el0508 posted over a year ago
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Hey Guys!
Just for fun, here is one of my fave scene from this awesome movie!
( I found it in the internet )

“Q: “You wanna be my girl?”

Monica: “What do I have to do?”

Q: “I guess, we could play ball and ride to school together. When you get mad at me I have to give you flowers.”

Monica: “But I don’t like flowers.”

Q: “Oh.”

Monica: “How ’bout Twinkies? My mom won’t ever buy ’em.”

Q: “Okay.”

Monica: “Okay.”

Q: “You my girl now, you gotta ride on my bike.”

Monica: “But I wanna ride on my own bike.”

Q: “My dad always drives my mum.”

Monica: “So?”

Q: “That means I have to ride you… Come on!”

Monica: “I don’t have to do what you say.”

Q: “Forget you then, stupid.”

Monica: “You stupid and your dad plays for the worst team in the NBA.”

Q: “What?” Monica: “The last time they won Dr. Jay was a nurse.”