"KK here's my need i like this kid thats a year older than me but he looks so cute and he's the kewlestkid at my school and he barely even notices me and my bff likes him too wat should i do?" ~ BRIDGET14

Alrighty BRIDGET14, you have given me a tough question. This here is a predicament because you and your bff like the same guy. Now, I know most people would say: "Don't ruin your friendship over a guy" or "Hoes before bros" or "Chicks before dicks". I do somewhat agree with that. I don't think any man should come between two friends, however, if a guy is interested in one of you and not the other, I would hope that as friends, each of you would support the other. This is a very hard situation.
However, if you do not care about the plausible ending of a friendship, and seriously want to pursue this cool dude, then here it goes. My advice would be to be confident. Strut your stuff, smile at him, and just say a casual "hey". If you think you're hot and act like you're hot, he's definitely going to think so too. Guys love confidence (but not overly confident, to the point to being conceited). Just be yourself and have fun. This will definitely get your guy's attention. He'll notice you for sure.
Side note: since he is a year older (and I honestly don't know how old either of you are), I'm just throwing out a warning. Do not let him influence you to do anything that you do not want to do, if ever you get to that point.

I hope some of this advice helped! Best of luck to you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send them my way.
Also, if anyone else has any other pointers, tips, or advice that would be beneficial, please leave a comment below! :)

~ Bakes