i have a heart of gold
I love you more than life itself! I love you more than air I take in. You make me the luckest kid in the world your like a good song you can't just listen one time! If I had just one wish it would be to wake up to your face every day. If you were not here the next day I will cry wishing for better days when I could hold you in my arms.You took me and my broken heart and fix it! And I thank-you so much! Just look at the things we come over together!I can see us having a life together and getting old together. I love you with all my heart! I see us happy in years to come. Age is what people see with us but what i see is two people in love for one another. And that's all I need in this world. I hope we have a good life together!

heart your red and black angel
amber hall
(your wife)