Ok a few steps if you wanna do flirting, dating, kissing and getting a date with the one whome you love....

Step 1. You gotta know you spouse be friends be good friends

Step 2. When your good friends with your spouse try flirt a little try to do a little try not to do a lot of flirting cause when u get too freaky and weird that's when your relationship goes down that'll make 'em wanna walk away if it goes wrong that's ok it's your first try just try it again in 5 days give 'em a few days to forget what happened that day then try it again only different try not to go crazy

Special tip: before u try flirting when your good friends with your spouse try to get in them try to get a little info out of them like what they like, love, hate, dream of, when they share their secrets with u and share some of your secrets once they share that personal stuff that means your growing a little more closer u know all those basic stuff u need to know all about them

Step 3. start hanging out with them once u spend a lot of time with them like if your 16 or 17 ask 'em if u wanna go to the movies, park, out to eat, drive somewhere with them then once u start driving them almost everywhere in town then they'll start driving u around

Step 4. Once they share and show u all personal Stuff that means they really like you but just not dating just yet soo once u start thinking that their ready to go out with u just start thinking about it..... u should take a few days to think about it

special tip: try not to get too nosy about their personal stuff and you gotta be in good shape like have abbs boys good hair color for boys too and for girls in shape thin a little thin not too thin as a pole just thin good body shape and be lady like no farting, no burping, no drooling, and no jeans unless they go with a very pretty or good shirt

Step 5. once your ready ask your spouse when their parents or no one is at home for a few hours and yours too drive to your spouses house or have your spouse drive over your house ask 'em which one is better for u and your spouse take 'em to the movies ask 'em where they wanna go next once u stil have an hour or two left until everyone comes home then sit on the couch once they sit beside u ask 'em out if they say yes then be happy say ok I'm happy that we're together or something cool and nice save all the happy moments at home then get up pull their hand pull them up if your a girl put your arms around his neck then kiss them if your a boy put your hand under her chin and pull it gently towards u and kiss her once she kisses u a few times put your hands on her waist once you and your spouse r done kissing go home and tell everyone the great news

Special tip: if u and your spouse wanna warm things up a bit while your family or your spouses family is home take your spouses hand or let them take your hand pull them into yours or your spouses room close the door if your a girl and he wants u to kiss him run up to him put your arms around him push on the bed or pull him on the bed and just kiss until its time to stop and if your boy gently pull her to you and kiss her, sit on the bed have her sit on your lap put your hand on the back of her head run your hand through her hair or walk to her pick her up off her feet then kiss her that's all u need to know about flirting, getting a date please comment me if I did good most of this advice gave my friends a chance to find true love