So the girl next to me had obviously resently been through a rough breakup. He face was splotchy and red. The girl next to her, after hearing to details piped up and said, "There are plenty of fish in the sea!"

This didn't help. The girl sniffed and sat up, wiping away another tear. She turned on her phone and began to go through her pictures. She found one she previously saved and read it aloud. "There's plenty of fish in the sea... ? Yeah? Well 50% are girls, 30% are over 18, and 15% are under 10, which leaves 5% of the population. 2% of the remaining fish are taken, and we haven't even gotten into the personalities of them, what they look like, and what we in common." She stopped reading, "And this doesn't even mention location! Ugh!"

I then turned to her and spoke up. "Numbers, numbers, numbers! These silly numbers don't matter! All those percentages boil down to ONE! The only number that matters is ONE!"

She stared at me in confusion. I got the attention of her friend and a few surrounding people.

"There is ONE guy out there that was MADE for you that you most likely haven't even met yet! This ONE perfect guy for YOU and YOU ALONE!"

She stared at me starting to understand. Someone on the other side of me spoke up, "He isn't going to be perfect, but he will be for perfect for you!"

I continued, "Exactly! No relationship is perfect! But this ONE guy is for you, your perfect match! This idiot that broke up with you is just a foreshadow of your ONE perfect guy!"

About all the girls hugged eachother before the girl and her friend left, the no longer broken-hearted girl with a big smile on her face.