There was this boy who was in high school.He never had a girlfriend and he's very lonely.He sits alone in the lunchroom and has zero friends.One day when he was getting to chemistry, it all changed.

Karon was on his way to chemistry. He had his chem folder and notebook in his arms.He was ready to get through chemistry.But just he was near the classroom, he bumped into a girl."Oh I'm so sorry" The girl said picking up his chem folder and notebook."It's ok" Karon said. Then Karon suddenly gazed into her beauty. She had luxrious curly waist length dirty blond hair. Her skin was a bit lighter than caramel.She had nice boobs and long legs.She had beautiful amber eyes, long eyelashes,well cared lips, and a very pretty face. She had kind of a high voice but it was a softspoken one."Oh sorry for staring at you" Karon said snapping out of the fantasy."Um ok my name's Ariana, what's yours?" Ariana said."I'm Karon" Karon said."Nice to meet you Karon" Ariana said."Nice to meet you too Ariana" Karon said."Well, I have to go to Geometry see ya!" Ariana said walking away from Karon.Karon also noticed Ariana has a decent backside.Karon remembered he had chemistry and went in chem class.He sat in his own seat and the teacher began teaching about elements.Then he noticed he was daydreaming about Ariana.He has never in his life daydreamed about a girl.Then he daydreamed about her being in love with him and getting married.Now he realized what's going on.I'm in love for the first time,thought Karon.