This article was written by Fanpop guest contributor Trina G.

Every now and then we get into relationships that start out awesome but then dwindle into something less than perfect. While it’s perfectly normal to not be perfect, you have to know when it’s time to let go and move on.

Sometimes people change…and sometimes they drag you into an endless abyss of whiney ooze and greedy goo, where you trudge along desperately hoping to escape the insanity. Here are 10 signs the madness won’t end and that it’s time to dump that chump.

1. He Abuses You

If a man abuses you, either physically or emotionally, you have to dump him. Abusive men do not change (they don’t know how). Get rid of him now while you still can. And if you need help or someone to talk to, the link is there for you 24/7.

2. He Never Has Any Money

It’s one thing to work your butt off for some whip-wielding boss, earning minimum wage and never having spare cash for a romantic restaurant, at least your man is working and putting in some effort. It’s another thing if he’s asking you to pay his rent this month because he owed Smelly Lenny some funds from a bet gone sour. Ditch him.

3. He Cancels Your Dates to be With the Guys

Any time your guy spends more time cancelling your dates to hang with his buddies than he does actually dating you it’s time to get rid of him. He’s obviously dating his buddies, not you.

4. He Texts You at 3AM

If every weekend you’re awoken by a text that reads: “Are you awake, babe? I’m kinda drunk and need a ride home/I’m in the mood” (in less than good grammar), it’s time to ditch him.

5. He Doesn’t Listen to You

Now, to clarify, there’s a difference between him tuning out your incessant nagging (which is normal relationship behavior) and him forgetting that your grandma is in the hospital so you can’t cook dinner for him tonight. If your guy forgets important events, your favorite (and least favorite) foods, your dreams, hobbies, or (especially) your name…dump him.

6. He’s Unsupportive of Your Dreams

Equally as bad as forgetting your dreams is the guy who couldn’t care less about them. If you tell him that you want to be an artist and he tells you to do something useful with your life instead, then he’s not supportive and you should dump him.

7. He Flirts With Everyone

I’ll admit, sometimes flirting is a natural habit that most people don’t even realize they have. Still, if every time you go out he’s giving himself whiplash trying to watch a girl’s behind as she goes by, and then makes a comment about how hot she was, then he doesn’t respect you enough to keep his eyes to himself and you should get rid of him.

8. He’s Rude to Your Family
It’s a rare person that loves their partner’s parents. However, no matter how much your city dwelling guy can’t stand your tractor driving redneck mom and dad, he has to be nice to them. There’s absolutely no excuse for being rude to your parents, it’s disrespectful and you should get rid of him (or let your dad give him the boot).

9. He’s a Loafer

Did your guy stay the night one night and never leave? Have you been dating three months and he’s living with you rent free, eating all your chips and playing X-Box all day while you’re at work? Does he also leave the house a mess and invite his friends over without telling you? If your guy is the “I just couldn’t get rid of him” guy, then you need to send him on a pizza run and change the locks while he’s gone.

10. He Cheated on You

If your man cheated on you one night, regrets it immensely, and has felt horrible ever since, there’s nothing saying he’ll ever do it again. It is possible to move past a one night stand, depending on the relationship. But, if he’s had a lover for a while, or numerous affairs, then he’s a chronic cheater and you’re not going to be able to move beyond that. Get rid of him.
There are plenty of guys out there who will be nice to you, so don’t waste your time on these kinds of guys. Ditch him now and be done!