To find love or be in love.

1.Start Friendship for a long while.... Don't rush it really won't really want to be with that person a long while, you must get to really know them than you can commit a relationship.

2. Make sure if he or she cares for you... If they don't ....why date a person who don't care for u?

3. Don't really date a person because of how they look....if you do that... You'll end up having a bunch of chicks/dudes and date wrongly because of people because who they really are more, there feelings, and there mentality. By dating girls/guys by there appearance you will have bad memories of every ex and they would end of remember you as a bad person.

4. Don't do short term relationships, if you do....your really wasting your time dating a person...expect long term...if it fails, break up with them.

5. While dating or being a friend to increase a close relationship, be yourself, don't be fake.Being yourself will make a person appreciate you for who you are.

6. Listen to your heart, not your mind. Your heart is meaningful than your mind. Your mind tricks you more...that's how you make mistakes during relationships. If your heart tells you that you should be with her/him do it... If your heart does not tell you to be with her/him... Don't date her/him.

I promise you...using these tips will help. These tips will help you find "True Love". I been single. I learn my lessons by my first ex...that's why I share these tips so you can make the right decisions and be prepared. Don't really feel bad being would be ok. If you really want a true girlfriend/boyfriend...make sure to find the right one,using these tips. 👍