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posted by TDIloverForever
I walk slowly threw the warm park. Old leaves crackle under my feet, as I look at the green spring leaves on their trees.
I sit on a brown rusted colored bench.
I watch the boys soccer game go on, in the field.
I watch one specific person.
He kicks the ball perfectly into the net.
I sigh, wishing I could be the girlfriend cheering him on, on the sidelines.
I stare at him as he scores more goals, and misses a couple times.
"So you gonna do it? ...Tara!?" Abby, my best friend, yells at me. I shake my head. "Sorry.. What?" I say.
Abby sighs. "Are you trying out for a cheerleader?" She says smiling.
I smiles with her, "Of course!"
I jump up next to her and walk closer to the game. She follows and says, "I can't wait! Just one week and we might be cheerleaders!"
I smile bigger and more convincing this time. I think back to when Abby and I were toddlers, we would always play Cheerleaders.
Abby stops smiling and looks to where I'm looking at, "You and Seth Huh? Tara and Seth.. Seth and Tara.. I gotta get a banner!" She laughs.
I try to hide my bigger smile and say, "Talk about something else, Please!"
Abby sighs again and says, "Jason's taking me out tonight."
She giggles. Jason and her have been a thing even before we got to high school.
"Good for you." I murmur.
I look further out My eyes reach the ocean of Hawaii. How beautiful it is.
Everyday it looks bigger, like my love for Seth, we have been really good friends since we were three to now, me turning 18 soon, in senior year of high school, him already 18 in his senior year.
I twist my blond ringlets in my finger. Abby walks in front of me, which makes me stop walking.
"He's right there, go talk to him!" She says as she nudges her head in his direction. She pushes me toward him.
"Gosh Okay!" I say.
I walk toward Seth. He's with all of his soccer team. I smile and stop a couple feet from his team.
Seth spots me and says, "Tara! There you are!" He says running to me. "I was looking for you!"
I blush furiously. "Well here I am!" I say.
He smiles and hugs me tightly.
He lets go I hold him a little to long.
"Guess what?" I say. He looks around then gets closer to me, "What?"
"I'm gonna be a cheerleader!" I say smiling and laughing.
He smiles widely, "Really?! That's Amazing!"
We both smile at each other for a while the he says, "Why don't I walk you home?"
My smile fades and I say, "Sure."
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This truly makes Mikey and I cry. It's so sweet, and so utterly and unbelievably true.
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