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Article by SaitoSaturno posted over a year ago
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He was a boy. At a young age, he was just the thing to give you cooties. I, at the time, actually hated him. He was popular and a boy and he never noticed me. And there are very few people I'll ever hate.

But one day in the fifth grade, I was in class with him and a few other kids. We were working on a project; er, supposed to be working on a project, rather. Instead, this boy and I were having a "Yo mamma" joke challenge. He won, because, of course he was much more familiar with that sort of thing.

But something inside of me didn't care about that. I was seeing the REAL Carson Daniel Alsup for the first time. He was funny and sweet and creative and even a little....cute. From that day on, I think a crush developed. And that crush, at the beginning of the seventh grade, turned into a heart-throbbing love.

I wrote him a love letter. Call me cheesy. It did sound like it came from a Hallmark card, and yes I thought he would never actually read it.
Opinion by twilightlova13 posted over a year ago
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My heart weeps
My eyes sting
From the tears that want to escape
I feel so empty
So hollow
That my body wanted escaped
Now i am left hollow
The tears want to fall
To show the pain
But they dry up
I get angry that I can't cry
Over something so heartbreaking
She talked me into it
I thought only somewhat about it
I thought about other people
Not about my heart
I made a mistake
I don't know if i can live without you
I guess i have to try now
But please promise me
That i will always have a piece of your heart
For me to love
And you to love back
Opinion by leuron posted over a year ago
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This door, opened by an angel, it led me out of the darkness and into the most pure light
Born into this world
I started asking myself
Why am I here?
Since I was a kid
I always wondered... Why me?
Why do I see from inside this body?
All these people around me,is this real?
Are they real? Am I the only one real?
Cause as far as I know
I'm the only one in control here
Such a confused kid,thinking too much
Making things so complicated
So much more complicated than they should
For someone my age

I became a loner
I thought others were weird,different somehow
When in the end,I was the one different
Started noticing it later,feeling it deeply
Thinking too much,feeling too much
I guess it wasn't normal
So I was bullied at school
Worst days of my life
Feeling useless to this world,not necessary here
Was only here to suffer
Just had fun with Video-Games,but that was it
It was my reason to live,playing Video-Games
Living them cause my life sucked