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Article by khanna266 posted over a year ago
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The first day I met her I didn't know I was going to fall in love with her,and when the day came that I did I didn't know what to think.My mind was a bit con fused but my heart,my heart knew that what I was feeling was love.Truly,madly,crazily deeply in love.I'm still in love with her.Every time I think of her it get's hard for me to breathe.She's just so fucking amazing,trust me if you knew her you would understand why I love her so much.She's so perfect to me.She's got such a radiant personality that shines so bright,she's like a walking ray of sunshine.I love her so much I always have even though there have been lot's of other crushes along the way and this one boy I was madly in love with in 7th and part of 8th grade,Kimberly has always had that special part in my heart that no one can replace,and every time I look at her gorgeous face my heart races.She's just so...there isn't even a word great enough to describe her.I mean she's smart,funny,kind,and the most gorgeous girl in the world,I just wish she was mine to hold,but she's not interested in girls.So I could never have the chance to be with her,and it breaks my heart.I would do anything to make her mine.She's just so...
Opinion by curtains4 posted over a year ago
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Boy problems.

Anyone relate?

So I'll just skip ahead to the break up. He said he thought I was a really nice person, but we needed to break up. My mind couldn't focus and I didn't think to ask him why he thought we should. I asked him a few days later and he said he wanted to tell me, but he couldn't. Like, what the hell?

My crazy-ass "friend" finally pulled him aside one day to ask him why. She recorded their conversation on her phone. (A little creepy). When he said why he wanted to breakup, it sounded like he didn't like that I was too shy. I'm a very quiet person and I'm even quieter around the ones I like. And he also thought I was not affectionate enough. Which is insane cuz I give him all the affection I can.

A few weeks go by, and the same "friend" who talked to him starts some rumors and gets him mad at me. He confronted me about it, but I explained to him how she's a drama queen and everything. he cooled down and we remained friends.
Article by shinju-chan posted over a year ago
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Ace of Spades
Two days ago,

Three birds were sitting on a branch.

A fourth one came flying in and asked,

"Do you have five worms?"

"No, not even six." They replied,

Shaking their heads seven times.

Eight days later there were just two.

A robin with

nine more days to live,

And a chickadee with ten days until they die.

The robin asked,

"Will you be the queen of my heart?"

The chickadee replied,

"Only if you'll be my king for the rest of my days.

They had a small chick named Jack,

And he filled their hearts.

But it was too soon.

Kids found the dead bodies and beat them with clubs,

And I found them and buried them with the spades.

I used diamonds as the gravestone.

Looks like love can come from a broken heart.