Love What do you do if your boyfriend is moving away?

Jillywinkles posted on Mar 07, 2009 at 04:30AM
Has anyone ever been in this situation? My bf is leaving, we are in love and neither of us wants to break up. It's going to be so hard to not talk to him online, or on the phone. But I guess I'll have to, if I want to move on with my life and not be depressed and alone forever.

I've thought about the long-distance relationship thing, but it's already torture now when I don't see him for one day, I can't imagine not seeing him for weeks, months on end.

I don't think there's much advice that can be given here, but I'd really be interested in hearing if anybody has any similar stories from their own experience. I'm just so depressed--it's one thing if a relationship doesn't work out, but it's twice as hard to be forced apart like this...

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over a year ago natinko said…
I have no experience at all, but my boyfriend might be moving away just because of one little thing that happened at school, plus he gets abused a little. Try to think of the good things. Will his environment be a little better? Will he feel refreshed? You never know. I am unsure. I got too depressed to talk about this that I wanted to puke. It sucks. I am trying to get better at it. Yay? o.o
I am so sad, though. I love him too much, but if it is best for him, I got to let him do it.
over a year ago BellaWomcoop said…
Well my boyfriend Kack moved away in September which is so hard still... But I din't know whether I wanted to break up with him or not because we still loved each other. I took my friends advice and dumped him whixh wasn't easy to do because he still loved me and I still lived him. On New Years day we started being bf and gf again because we both couldn't stand the break up.

I still cry every night about it because I want him back sooooo much but I am glad we are still going out because at least he phones me every day and at least he still wants to be with me. I think you should stick with yours as well, no matter what happens
over a year ago BellaWomcoop said…
Sorry I meant his name was Jack, not Kack!
over a year ago Black_cat_ said…
it depends how u deal with it, i mean if u both got cameras u could chat and see each other, im in a long distance relationship and it works coz im working hard to make it work, im always being romantic and trying my best to please her, it can work u just have to try ur best to make it work, also u need to think about the future, could he ever move back? or could u move closer to him? if not then its better to leave it but if u feel that u could the go for it
over a year ago LiilacLottiie94 said…
last year i went to a new high school. when i was there i met a guy i loved like crazy, and at first he loved me like crazy too. it was magical. but, i was too scared to tell him and i acted likew a bit of a fool infront of him cos i was too scared to tell him i liked him, even tho it was so damn obvious. he thought i meant i didn't like him by this behaviour, and he was upset. but i didn't realise this at the time. there was a girl who liked him too, my so called friend, and she was so mean cos she knew i liked him, and she only started liking my boyf when her boyf dumped her. i was in 10th grade, and the guy i liked was in 11th, so he was leaving in a fe w months. i knew that if i wanted to redeeem myself i'd have to do it quick but everything i said came out wrong and i eventually ran out of time and he left for college, and shock horror she was going to his college.
he promised me he'd come back to see me at school. he hasn't yet, and i'm so depressed. i saw his mate the other day who said the guy i like is really tyed down with heavy work at the mo and he cant get out of college.
i really hope he comes back because i'll be able to tell him everything, that is, if he doesn't already have a girlf. i bet he has had every girl at college begging him to be theirs, cos he's so lovely. i'm not kidding either. and to think i had the golden opportunity but i threw it away cos i was a 'silly little girl.'
oh well even i he doesn't come back he deserves someone better than me anyway. i love him so i have to let him go.
over a year ago musicgirl313 said…
This situation is hard. I just found out that the boy i love is moving out of the country back to saudi forever. i was crying hysterically and i still am. But i can never take my own advice. But i can tell you that if you sill love him...than dnt try and forget about him cuz you know tht wont work. If he still loves you enough to have a long distance relashinship...than do it. If it doesnt work out...well...there are "more fish in the sea". Its not the end of the world. So don't let it affect who you are.
over a year ago Nita_White said…
My boyfriend is leaving within 2weeks time, and i just realised how much time i have left to spend with him, im findind it really hard to cope but he seems fine, not upset or anything, we've been together for about 1 year and 8 months, i absolutely love him, i dont think i could do long distance but its worth ago, for all the girls out there that think its the end of the world and no moving on, well just think about it for a second, use that other half of yours to be motivated, just the though of my boyfriend will encourage me too keep going, and if a relatinship was ment to be you's will find each other again, xx i will learn alot from this what ever happends i just know ill always be his girl, and he knows that, then again saying that anything could happen, and thats what im most scared of him finding another girl that replaces me.
over a year ago MuniekaXo said…
My bf is leaving in 5 dayz to pennsilvania and im from N.Y we both love each other a lot i cant stand to watch him leave and we don't want to break up ive known him for 3 years buht weve been together for only 7 months going on to 8....I don't know what to do in this situation his been in a long distance relationship before and i havent.I trust him with all my heart but i just hav a fear that i might lose him to someone else i think about it all the time but then again i no he wudnt do that to me....I think to myself things happen but i hope never that. We've been hanging out a lot lately i cried many timez infront of him and he did too. Its difficult. yea we have a web cam,im,phone,txt, buht itz not the same... When were together seems like his alwayz quiet and his never like that... he doesn't want me to see him sad cause then i would be down so instead he hides it. I guess the only thing i could do right now is b prepared and what ever may come.....comes and if something happens it happens for a reason and ill always love him no matter what.
over a year ago Georgie12 said…
i have just got of the phone to my boyfriend and he told me that his parents and 99% moving him to a school quite far from here i was crying SO much because i dont really have many friends and i spend ALL my time at school with him were insepreble, is still crying my eyes out we have been together for over a year and iv known him for 9 years, people say were PERFECT for each over we even have the surname (no relation) i have never loved someone tis much and i am not willing to gove him up because of tis he is my first love and alwasy will be but my heart is is painful it feels like im dying i didnt know love could be this strong im in shock. his parents are moving him to the private school just because he is not very good at english and has a rubish teacher so isnt learning anything but they are wealthy so they can defenitly afford it allright, im trying to think of how good this will be for him but he is always so bust on weekends and i will never see him please please help me
over a year ago Tara_lee said…
i am nearly 16, and i have been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years, we are relly serious, but he is moving to germany as his dad is in the army. we are going to try stay together, cause we no that is we make our relationship last for the 3 years he is gone, then our love for eachother it real. i am going to call him everyday or he is going to call me. we will use web cam, which i think u should try. i am gonna be heart broken and wont be able to go to the airport to say my final good bye to him.
over a year ago wonder72 said…
My boyfriend and I had a great relationship. He always put me first and always surprised me. We worked together at the same job. He got fired and after that our relationship was not going too well. He started getting depressed. He did not want to talk much. He told me he may have to move away that was another reason why he didn't call much. We would do good some days and some days we wouldn't. He was close to getting a good job and when it got to the last stage; I didn't hear from him for over a month. He wouldn't call or answer my calls. I told him if he didn't want anything to do with me; to tell me and I wouldn't call or text or email anymore. I heard from his friend he got the job and moved one hour and 55 mins.away. Why wouldn't he just tell me. I already had accepted the fact that he may leave. He did not have to give me the silent treatment.
over a year ago Darling_15 said…
I'm in 10th grade and my boyfriend is in 12th grade he skipped a year. Hes going to college next year in a different country and it'll be months at times i won't be able to see him. He didnt leave yet but im starting to hurt now i cried myself to sleep yesterday just thinking about. He rlly loves me and i really love him. We've been together for 5 months and i rlly want to be with him even when he goes to uni in a few months. but i dont want to go through all this pain any suggestions?
over a year ago melikhan said…
mine is far far away and i just chat with him
over a year ago Marlene46509 said…
ok i have a boyfriend named alex. we were just on the phone earlier this morning and he just started talking about him moving to a place like 45 mins away from where i live. he is moving in 3 months but he thinks its not gonna work out between us cuz he says he wont be able to get a job right away because gas will be expensive if he wants to see me during the weekend. and we really love each other and i dont kno if i should tell him we should just try our best to work it out or if we should just move on cuz thats what he wants to do :( but i just dont kno. please helpp me :(
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over a year ago angiii7 said…
Sorry, I don't mean to be bad but, it won't work... you have to break up with him, the whole 'long-distance relationship' doesn't exist. He'll meet someone else and maybe you will too...
A thing like that happened to me a while ago, but it was my bff anyway I was in love with him and he was too but we never said it and he moved away... Our relationship is over now :'(
over a year ago coral123 said…
okay me and this boy named Rhett are so close and I mean really close.. we dated for 2 years and three months but we took a break because alot of drama started :/ and now we still act like we are dating and we say we love each other all the time and we hang out alot and I know we have something real.. we dont wanna date rite now because of what happened while we were dating but we want to but we think its better if we just stay really close until were older.. but anyways he is leaving for college :( its really hard to think about how he is going to be away from me.. he is 19 and i am 16.. I have never really been away from him its just this boy has always been there for me when I seriously couldnt get back up.. I talked to him about how he was leaving and he told me not to move on becuase he loves me and he still wants to be with me.. I just need some advice on how i should handle this? I really wanna be strong about this.. becuase he was always strong for me.. Please some one just give me some advice! i really need it..
okay me and this boy named Rhett are so close and I mean really close.. we dated for 2 years and thre
over a year ago miwafwakes said…
yea ahaha.. my boyfriend of almost 6 months (will be tomoro) is leaving in about midjanuary. when we first started going out, it was like he was supposed to move a month after we started, but he didn't tell me, because he said he thought he could try to make me happy in the times we had together. that time never came, although i was completely ready for it. so times went, i was completely happy, then i started to want more. i wanted to change him, i wanted him to care more, notice what hes supposed to, so i started badgering him about it. thats what happened the past three days, but then yesterday night my friend told me that he told him that he was moving, and that the date of the earlier one was only postponed, not completely disappeared.

can you say my heart broke? ahaha.. ._.
i feel like such an a-hole for pmsing on him, so i feel really bad.
i couldnt sleep last night at all, i wanted to just... disappear, because the feelings hurt too much.

god, i never really said this to him, but i love him, and i dont want him to go, and i feel like ill break without him. i did consider breaking up, but picturing him with another person is too hard.

its confusing like hell.
i love him, hes leaving, i'll be hurting, what do i do?

is our fate connected?
yea ahaha.. my boyfriend of almost 6 months (will be tomoro) is leaving in about midjanuary. when we
over a year ago ilovecurt said…
my moving too....i love him soo much and im scared he will cheat on me and stare at other girls butts and stuff but im depressed and my life is over. i have tryed everything i can to stop him but he has to go...we arnt going to breakup but he says after highschool he will move back to canada with me
over a year ago Gypsi_Rose said…
wow, these comments are too depressing! :( I think, if someone you love is moving away you can try your best to stay in touch for as long as you can, because at least then if it doesnt work out you can still say 'i tried' :/ xx <3
over a year ago BeautysOverated said…
Aaaw, I'm sorry :( I have no experience with this, but in my opinion, just enjoy each others touch until he leaves. That way, you will have plenty of happy memories for when you think of him :)
over a year ago Kraucik83 said…
Long distant relationships can work! I'm the living proof!!!
My boyfriend & me are together for almost 5 years now & we spend most of the time (more than 4 years) very far from each other (570 miles/920km) in 2 different countries. We are trying to see each other as often as possible, so at least every 2 month... and we are more in love with each other than in the beginning!
So, if you really meant for each other, it can work!!!
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over a year ago mothermonster said…
well my boyfriend elijah isnt the one thats moving i am. its going to be hatd but they are never far they are always near in your heart
over a year ago x12-25-10x said…
Today was my boyfriend and mine 6month anniversary. And today I also found out my boyfriend is moving 15hrs away from me. Its one of the hardest things I have ever had to hear from someone because I love him so much. I finally just stopped crying after 7hours of crying. I promised him that I will be waiting for him when he comes back. And that I am not going to leave him. He too promised the same thing. I am just so scared of what may happen, but I am going to try to keep myself together so we can both become happier. Because I know its harder on him than it is me, because I not the one who has to start over somewhere. But I do believe we will survive 3years of a long distance relationship. Like Shakespeare once said, "The course of true love never did run smooth". I love my boyfriend with all my heart, and I am willing to do anything to keep our relationship alive. Because he is worth it. I can honestly say that. I know our love is strong enough to do it.
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over a year ago EllsBells15 said…
Just wanted to say it's nice to know that there are other people in the same boat. My boyfriend is going to Yale, leaving in the summer, and I'm staying in England. We knew when we started the relationship that we would have to break up, and initially it didn't seem such a big deal, I think we both thought of it as a fun way to spend the last six months of high school. But now I've really fallen in love with him, and it's terrifying to think that in 5 weeks he'll be gone, maybe for 10 years.

We've agreed to break up, because we know that he'll be in the States for the foreseeable future, and we don't want to potentially ruin a really good relationship by straining to make it work across continents. But being sensible doesn't really make it any easier.

Sorry this isn't really advice, more of a vent. I think you should think about a) how long is he/she moving away for? If it's a question of months rather then years then it's more likely to work. b) Talk to him/her! You have to agree on a solution you're both happy with, even if the conversations are painful.

Hope everyone ends up happy :)
over a year ago Maddie000 said…
I'm only reading this forum because i'm the same situation as most of you.
My boyfriend of 2 years has moved 4 hours away from where i live, i know this doesn't sound as bad as some of the comments left on here such as the 15 hours or another country, but it still really hurts knowing that he's gone. It's not that fact that that he's gone that's upsetting me, it's the fact that I've spent nearly everyday with him at school from Year 9 to Year 11 and they were the best years of my life so far. I love him so so so much more than anything and our love for each other is so strong, i have no doubts that our relationship will last. However, i am most upset about the fact that i'm going to 6th Form at the same school i spent the 3 years with him at. And everything, i mean everything that i look at at the school makes me cry, i just remember all the great times i had waiting for him at the bus stop to greet him at school every morning and walking to lessons with him and spending lunch time talking, it was great. It's the thought of him not being at school at hits me the hardest, i'll see his bus pass the school and i'll cry knowing that hes not on there. I know for a fact we love each other incredibly much, it's just the thought of school that makes me die inside... I most probably will not be able to see him on the weekends, which upsets me, but on the school holidays, every 6 weeks, i will most definitely be going up to visit him for the whole holiday. I just wish these 2 years would fly by so i can just be with him again. It's sad, but i think everyone in this situation will just have to be brave and look forward to the times when you are going to see them.
over a year ago sheilanancy said…
If my boyfriend is moving away,i will simply quit the relationship coz there is no way a long distance relationship is gonna last!
over a year ago lykillip said…
My boyfriend of 9 Months is moving back to Utah, and We both love each other more than anything! We are promised to each other, anything you can think of. But He is moving back in about a month and it kills me to even think about, I feel like there isn't a future for me and I have no idea how to cope with it, He is 17 so next year he COULD come back to Georgia to be with me. BUT His religion (Mormon), typical, He goes on his mission for two years...And That's about 3 years that we're not together that we were really looking froward to. I still plan to go to his graduation (if i can) but I just don't know how to deal with all of this...HELP?! And here is also a picture of us.
My boyfriend of 9 Months is moving back to Utah, and We both love each other more than anything! We a
over a year ago atticuslove123 said…
all im saying is if u really love him then try to make it work. and if it doesnt ten at least u can be friends
over a year ago Solefitjar27 said…
I just moved 7hrs away from my BF, so I just broke it off. I suck at long-distance relationships, and i don't want to prevent either of us from moving on! What if he finds someone else at his new school, or you begin to notice someone else in your grade now that he's gone?? It's best to just BREAK UP unless his new house is very close.
over a year ago jazzfreak456 said…
Hey this is identical to my situation . I found out my boyfriend is moving to Georgia and as we speak is moving in 7 days what the hell right? ....when he told me I drownded in my own tears for the next 72 hours.. we talked and both decided we loved each other to much to breakup.. he was my everything. We had been best friends for a good portion of the year and then when we got together things couldnt have been time grew we started to close ourselves off to each other. Biggest mistake of my life... people..if you love someone don't let them slip away like I did.. i love him so much but the thing is I know if we stay together ill want to be talking 24 7 to him and we eventually will think we are both the most annoying things in the world that is why we both have decided to do the mature thing and when the next 7 days have gone by he will be leaving to Georgia with my heart... but not with me. we decided that our young love wasn't ment to be . The worst part about all of this is that... I would rather be miserable with him then happy with anyone else:( . I will always have love In my heart for the guy who stole my heart but... let the grieving begin.:(
Hey this is identical to my situation . I found out my boyfriend is moving to Georgia and
over a year ago AnjieSanchez said…
my boy friend is moveing back to mexico and everyone is so sad but im realy realy realy realy sad :( if anyone has the same thing post it dont be shy your not the only one
over a year ago AnjieSanchez said…
im sooo sad im going to cry all night it kills me not to see him after school and weekends and the this im going to die but the good thing to do is not to sit around and cry
over a year ago carebear16 said…
my boyfriend isnt the one moving away i am and its super hard knowing her will be breaking up with me and going out with another girl soon. he keeps on saying if i come back him and i will get back together but i dont know if i will be meet a new guy witch i already have before i have even moved to Minnesota! my bf doesnt no about this guy and my bf doesnt no that i heard he is going to break up with me right when i leave and go out with another girl
over a year ago SBTrulz said…
I had a boyfriend. We loved each other. He was special to me because at the time, he was the only person who loved me (my parents hate me and told me to my face). But one day, we went out, and he told me his dad was making him move away. I cried for a while. Then we went to the airport together and had (what I thought would be) our last kiss.
We kept a long distance relationship for about six months. But then I broke up with him because it was getting too complicated. So he came back home around Christmas time to visit and to see me. And we got back together. But after he left, I broke up with him again, and now he's happy with his new girlfriend and I'm happy being single.
Sometimes, it's just destiny and you have to move forward.
I moved on.
I was really upset when he moved away. As I said, he was the only person who loved me. But through it all, I had a friend who stayed by my side no matter what. And he convinced me not to commit suicide. I love him. He's not my boyfriend, but my best friend. It's possible to find love again once you've lost it.
over a year ago larockracing32 said…
My boyfriend has been very stressed out from his family, he gets abused for no reason. he's movin' to a different school and he's goin' to be livin' with his aunt .. Im really upset and dissapointed because he has 2 ex girlfriends that go to peru , and im afraid he'll fall for them again and break up with me. i know he's only tryin' to get away from the stress . but we wouldn't be able to see eachother everyday like we used to . and when we don't see eachother , we usually fight . and i ain't gonna fight with him.. i dont wanna :( i don't know what to do :( </3
over a year ago JoshsBabe66 said…
well this is my bf and he moved away like a day ago this me and him i love him with all my hart and that can not chang and we have been together for 5 years and he is soo kool
well this is my bf and he moved away like a day ago this me and him i love him with all my hart and t
over a year ago misshellikitty said…
My boyfriend Lucas moved away now he is my ex because he moved to taxes now I don't see him that much anymore.......
over a year ago misshellikitty said…
We loved each other and we r both only 11 and we don't know wat to do waith out each other............,,
over a year ago Brenda11 said…
Best to say goodbye and move on sorry charlies
over a year ago Brenda11 said…
I was 11 now im 11 1/2 when the guy who loved me and I loved lost eachother if any of u now who jesus Manuel Rosas is please tell him I love him my name is brenda and tell him my number is (661)-431-2065
over a year ago abbyjoy2002 said…
its ok you can still keep in touch like you can video chat or vist each other like my boyfriends moving in 10 days and we r still in love and we always will be no matter what happens it will work out so dont worry about it there are plenty of fish in the sea
over a year ago sierra22311 said…
Hi everyone , i have a boyfriend who moved away we been together for 3 months now but we have dated before and we been through a lot , he told me he was leaving and i told him i could be in a long distance relationship and he started to tear up and then he said he wasnt going to go then after i talked to him why he wanted to go , i felt like it was all my fault cause i didnt wanna him to go so i told him no matter what ill be here for him and he can go will he did and we hang out before he left and when i got home he told me he loved me and give me a hug and i started to cry i couldnt even say i loved him back , we are now engaged and he wants me to go live with him , the thing is im not 18 yet & i am not done with school , some of my best friends dont support me at all , i really wanna go live with him but i have so long of time before i can move downn there , i just feel like he is going to find someone else and i tust him with everything and he went down there to stay out of trouble and to work and get us a place . i am going down there sometime in the summer but i dont know if works going let me get some time off . and its just really hard . all i wanna do is cry cause i miss him . i dont know what to do its like no one wants to talk to me about it they all think in stuiped for beign with him i feel alone but i feel like more then just me go through this but if anyone wants to talk i am more and welling to help ..
over a year ago inlovefornow said…
Hi guys.... So i have the same problem my bf matt is in 9th grade and im in 8th and we never see eachother now as it is when hes in trenton. We see eachother 1 time every week......but a week ago he told me that his
Parents had sold their house and he was moving to pittsburg for
His dad's job. Im so in love with him idk what im going to do once he moves...yesterday our
School had a class field trip to hershey park we spend the whole day together and it was great.....u see let me
Start out by telling u the story...i met him
In 6th grade and we always knew that we kinda liked eachother. So this year he asked me out in october....we went out until january because my parents didnt want us together. for about 2 months all i did was cry my eyes out so when my parents had saw how sad i was they finally let me started
Going out with him again.....but the worst part is.....i love him more than anything...i miss him
Now more than anything but i cant imagine the long distance thing because ik hes way to good for me and he will find someone better.....we both know that in our hearts we belong together and ik that im not alone here but i feel it.... I mean his sister is my bestfriend and without that family i dont know what i would do....i know that at the end of the day i want to be with him....ik that id rather be sad with him in another town but i do know that being happy with someone else isnt an option.....he is everything to me.....and i know that i might be crazy but i have to ask for some advice on how to get through this and also answer some questions

1-is there a possiblity that he might not move
2- do u think its best for me to break it off

Thanks for any help):
over a year ago angelwings123_1 said…
Hey I dated Louis Tomlinson the boy from one direction band for real we've been dating for two years and six months then he had to go away for work we had our last kiss he left and then he came back three or four months later
over a year ago --ginny- said…
Aww well I'm sorta dating Logan lerman cool huh? But then he had to go away for a while for work it kinda broke my heart seeing him leave me I drove him to the air port and before he left he kissed me on the cheek he made me blush it's a true story
over a year ago --ginny- said…
Ahh nothing can crush love nor break it apart not with a thousand hellhounds or bloodhounds
over a year ago andysixxsgirl15 said…
my boyfriend is moving away from me too and i have been crying for days he leaves on the 20th of july so this month i just dont know what to do i have done long dis before and it never worked i dont want to brake up with him but i dont think i can do any more along dis dating i just dont know what to do :'(
over a year ago anakraken said…
Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years and 2 months.. I Love him so so soooo much.. The only thing is , we're so young.. And he told me recently he might move to Corpus.. Which is like 2 hours away... It doesnt seem that bad.. But we're barely about to be 15!!! We are sooo young.. Its not like we have cars or anything to see each other on weekends.. And to make it worse , sometimes he doesnt have his phone for months! Which means i only see him in school.. And during summer , i find myself crying each night.. I HATE it! But i love him! & i know for a fact that he loves me.. Even though we are so 'little' i know our love is forreal.. & strong. I thought about long distance relationships but will it really work out?? I have no idea how we will make it work! We turn 18 in 3 years but that could be 3 years of not seeing each other ! I mean.. We barely even talk during summer and we live like 20 minutes away from each other /: i just think our relationship woild be much easier if we were older.. No one knows the way i feel each night.. Just the thought of him maybe moving away give me a huge pain in my heart.. As if my heart sinks or something.. He's my bestfriend, myvangel.. He was the inky one i talked to about my feelings.. I need him more than ever now . & i habe so many emotions bundled up inside i just wish i had him to talk talk to.. No matter what happe s.. He'll always be a huge part of my life <3 if im ever going to need to move on i guess i will but he'll always be my fist and true live.. May 8, 2010 ... Forever.. :'(
over a year ago iloveyou_foreva said…
Yeah, my boyfriend is moving and i have only been datingn him for a little while but we will text and call each other and we will video chat and we will try everything he said he will visit every weekend weven though he is moving four hours away and its really sad! i will cry so much he is moving in a couple days. :'( i am crying now just thinking about it i love him. <3
over a year ago akmiller said…
I'm from Michigan and I've fallen in love with a wonderful girl 3 months ago. She came to Michigan about 5 months ago as a foreign exchange student. She is from Mexico and plans on staying for the whole year. Just 1 year:/. We have been dating for 3 months now and we both know that we shouldn't get to attached to each other because she will be leaving. The one major problem is I think I'm in love with her... We haven't said I love you yet because of this but we both know that we do. All I wanted to say was that I'm in one of those terrible situations too. I don't know what to do. We have until June until she leaves. Today I missed school because I couldn't keep my head straight. I found out yesterday that she was 100% sure that she could not come back. Please pray for me, I can't do this by myself. She is everything to me.