So, i decided that since everyone that reads Crescent Moon loves the idea of Scarlett & Seth being together, I should write a fan fiction about them. And that's exactly what I did. Please comment & tell me what you think of Loving The Enemy (:


I shuddered delicatley, staring into the eyes that were mine in the mirror before me. Rosalie had bought it for me, thinking that i'd like to watch myself changing; or as she put it, "Blossoming into something beautiful." The eyes, my eyes, were the only things that had not changed. When I looked into them, I saw a small piece of myself that was there inside this strange new body. Of course, it was MY body..just different. I was taller and thinner, my hair longer, all my childlike features gone. I was 15 physically and who knows how much older mentally. Emotionally, however, I was still a 4 year old child who had lost her sister. I wanted to cry. I was beautiful, and brilliant and everything i'd ever hoped to grow up to be, but I was so different. I didn't feel like me, I felt strange. So this is what it's like, never changing. I thought to myself. The aging process completed in a few short months. I was forever 15. "Knock, knock!" Alice interrupted my thoughts, opening my creaky bedroom door. I did not turn to face her. "Um, I just came for the mirror. It's the last of your things, right?" She asked innocently. "Yeah. Go ahead." I cringed at the sound of my new voice. Alice's eyes lit up. "So it's finally complete, then? Your voice was the last thing to change." I nodded, hiding my remorse. She twirled in the air, happily screeching, "Wooh! Alright then, we'll have to celebrate later once your new house is finished!" She clapped her hands together, lifted the mirror easily, in one arm, and flew out of the room at inhuman speed. So that was it. I looked around at my empty old bedroom. The walls were still iced over from trying to control my now advanced powers. At least something good came out of this. I smiled at the thought of what I could do with the ability to ice over miles of land. Before I could barely freeze a room! The floor creaked, and I looked up to see my adopted mother and father standing beside me. "The house is finished. Are you ready?" My dad asked, trying to hide his sadness at the thought of me leaving so soon. My mother just stood there, smiling the fakest grin i'd ever seen. "I'll only be a mile further into the woods than you." I said, trying to comfort them. "I know. That's comforting, at least. You'll be close enough that I can run right over if I miss you too much!" My mom said, hugging me tightly. I laughed as my dad rumpled my hair. "I'll still see you every day at the Cullen house." That's what we all called the main house where my mother's parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles lived. They smiled at me, encouragingly. "Alright, no more stalling. Let's go and see it!" Just as I stepped out of my parent's house, Alice came out of nowhere and jumped onto my back, firmly clasping her hands on my eyes. "Hey- what're you doing!?" I yelled. She laughed her tinkling laugh. "Wow, this feels like deja vu all over again! You can't see your new house until I say so!" She ordered me around, making sure I didn't run into trees, and then we stopped. She jumped off my back, and I finally opened my eyes to see the house right out of my wildest dreams. I gasped. "Surprise, surprise! Do you like it?" Esme asked me, tenderly placing her hand on my shoulder. It was tall, and white like the Cullen house but not nearly as big. It was built right in the middle of the woods, surrounded by every tree and flower I could think of. A tear dripped from my eye, and rolled down my face. "It's beautiful! Thanks so much, I love it!" I squeezed Esme, whom i'd always loved very much, and then opened the door to my very own house. The inside was magnificent. It was bright and open. There were dozens of rooms that held way more stuff than i'd ever had. "Your room is the first door on your right down the hallway, dear." Esme announced proudly. I couldn't speak. Instead I followed her instructions, stepping into my very own bedroom. I gasped. It was perfect...and huge. The bed was a king sized canopy framed with wooden white roses and silvery blue sheets. There was the rocking chair of my short childhood in the corner of the room, now painted white. On a dresser held pictures Rosalie and Alice had taken of me. The most recent one was a a picture of Me and Seth, laughing at my father as he tried to outrun Leah. I smiled at the memory. How odd that I hadn't noticed Seth's hand on my shoulder in that picture, before. A new feeling rippled inside of me, but I couldn't identify it so I just ignored it, gazing at the room around me. It held all the things from my room before, just improved. Across from my bed, in the back of the room were two gold double doors. Yes! That could only be one thing! I flung the doors open, revealing a huge closet filled with nothing but dresses and a very small dresser that probably held two or three pairs of hiking clothes. I looked down at the dress I was already wearing. It was much too small and tight in the shoulders. A little too young for my new appearance. I changed into one of the satin blue dresses and turned again to my room. There was only one thing that could make it better. I blinked my eyes, turning them blue, and held up my palm, freezing the room almost entirely. The only thing I left be was the bed. Who wanted to sleep on ice? "Mom, Dad, come see this! It's great!" I yelled excitedly. But no one replied. "Guys?" I walked into the living room too see that everyone was gone. Maybe they left me to enjoy my house on my own. "Nice place." Someone said from behind me. I whirled to see the familiar grin on Seth's face. He was standing in the kitchen, alone. I couldn't help but smile back. "You think so?" He walked around from behind the counter. "Yep. So what're you gonna do with all this space to yourself?" I scoffed, as if it weren't obvious. "I'm going to live." He laughed. "You know, for someone as smart as you, you don't really plan ahead of time." I tried to turn off that annoying feeling inside me as he stepped closer. I inhaled his woodsy fragrance in a trance-like state. He looked uncomfortable, like he wanted to say something. "You, um. You look...different." He tacked on, examining the dress. I wasn't usually the type to dress up. "Well, Alice says with new looks i'm going to need new clothes." He made a funny noise in the back of his throat. He was clearly struggling. "I like it." He finally spit out. The annoying feeling flared up inside me. I fought hard to control it. It maimed a little as I looked away from him. "Thanks, Seth." I said with as much of a normal tone as I could manage. It wasn't usually this awkward between us. What was wrong with him? What was wrong with ME? "Well, um. I'd better be getting back. Bella's cooking and she said it would be done any minute." I laughed at the thought of My young "grandma" cooking. "Funny that a vampire can cook, considering she doesn't eat." He smiled his whole-hearted smile and said, "Well, she wasn't always a vampire." We laughed together and then, with a wave, he rushed out the door. I sighed. I was all alone in this big empty house, and Seth had reminded me that I was hungry.
I'd never cooked anything for myself, and i'd feel rude to intrude on dinner when I had my very own kitchen. I went to the fridge, noticing a note taped to it. It was written in delicate cursive. "There's a cook book on the bookshelf in the living room. Don't starve. -Alice."
It read. I giggled at her little remark and went to the living room bookshelf. "Cooking for Idiots" was the first one I found. Though I was no idiot, I picked up the book, and began to flip through the pages. There was a note, similar to the first taped under a recipe for Ravioli. I smiled, reading it aloud to myself. "Try not to burn the house down. Especially the closet."