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Be The Bite

Go the distance

Outta my head





I Kissed A Vampire - Act 3 in HD

I Kissed A Vampire - Act 2 in HD

I Kissed A Vampire - Act 1 in HD

Lucas Grabeel - Outta My Head - I Kissed A Vampire

Lucas Grabeel's Obsession!

I Kissed A Vampire trailer

KSPR Interviews Lucas Grabeel (2nd part)

KSPR: Lucas Grabeel gives a shout out to Springfield students

KSPR Interviews Lucas Grabeel

Eric Baines and Lucas Grabeel at Rose City Rocks Music Fest

Get Your Ass On

The Awakening of Abagail Harris (14341 Production)

Lucas talking teen driving safety

Alyson Stoner and Lucas Grabeel interview

Lucas Grabeel - Demo Reel

Chat with Lucas Grabeel

Naked Nomads, Jenny Got A Fever

Behind the Scenes, HSM3 Star Lucas Grabeel hit by donut

The Adventures of Food Boy- Peanut Butter

The Origins of Food Boy

The Adventures of Food Boy- Day 3

The Adventures of Food Boy- Day 1

Lester McKinley (a.k.a Lucas Grabeel) Interview

Alice Upside Down (Lucas Grabeel Interview)

Alice Upside Down Trailer

Lucas Grabeel - Halloweentown

Right Where You Want Me - Marnie/Ethan

Lucas Grabeel's "Happy Song"


Lucas after Miss Teen USA

Lucas singing National Anthem

Lucas Santa Monica Interview

High School Musical Stars in Saturday Disney

Lock And Roll Forever Trailer

The Making of Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

Lucas Grabeel - You Know I Will

Interview with Lucas Grabeel + Get Your Ass On Preview

Lucas Grabeel: Kung-Fu King

Ethan Dalloway - Flying

Ryan and Marnie

Ethan Dalloway - I'm Sorry

Ethan Dalloway - Funny Comebacks

Ethan Dalloway - The Laundry Room

Ethan Dalloway - Room Scene

"Can I Start Now???"

The HSM Concert - Part 2

The HSM Concert - Part 1

Milk Trailer

Lucas Grabeel's and Zac Efron's Awesome Rap

Lucas Grabeel-I Can't Be Bothered Now

Lucas Grabeel and Corbin Bleu "flip out"!

The Adventures of Food Boy - The Food Fight (Behind the Scenes)

The Adventures Of Food Boy Trailer

Interview with Lucas Grabeel

Lucas Grabeel's New Song - Trash Talkin'

Lucas Grabeel-the wonderful guy

Lucas Going Bald

The Real Son (14341 Production)

Lucas Grabeel - You Got It (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Behind The Scenes of the HSM Tour Bus

Lucas Grabeel Dancing - Show Me The Money

Road to HSM2 - Lucas Grabeel / Ryan Evans

Lucas Grabeel - Gotta Rock (OMG He's so sexy!)

Lucas Grabeel is attacked!

The name's Grabeel, Lucas Grabeel

Lucas Grabeel - The Freshman

Lucas Garbeel - College Road Trip

Lucas Grabeel - Smallville

Did someone say music???

Lucas Garbeel doing the AWESOMEST move!!!

More Talents of Lucas Grabeel

The Talents Of Lucas Grabeel


Lucas Grabeel- You got it

YouTube - Marnie and Ethan

YouTube - Ryan Evans Is More Than Useless

"High School Musical" - Lucas and Ashley

YouTube - Lucas Grabeel on Veronica Mars

YouTube - Lucas Grabeel in Til Death

YouTube - I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - High School Musical

YouTube - High School Musical - Stick To The Status Quo

YouTube - come to me- marnie/ethan

YouTube - Ethan/Marnie - Tell Her

YouTube - HSM Parody

YouTube - high school musical what ive been looking for