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Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Lisa Cuddy looks at her drink.

- You don't look so joyful tonight Dr. Cuddy – Another doctor tells her.

They are on the open bar of tonight's gala. Cuddy has a three day medical convention in Chicago.

- I got the news that a…friend of mine died yesterday – she says

- Sorry to hear that – the man nods and walks away.

Cuddy goes to her table, but she doesn't sit down. She is in a bad mood to hear the speech.

- Lisa? –

Cuddy hears her name but it takes her a while to react. She turns around to see who is talking to her

- Lucas? –

- Hi – he walks to her. He is clean shave now and wearing a suit. – You're here for the medical convention, right? –

- Yes, I am – she smiles timidly – and what are you doing here? –

- I work for the hotel. I'm head of security; I'm making sure everything is going smoothly tonight –

- You live in Chicago now –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Chapter 07: Back home

Lucas was practically running – Pick up the phone, damn it –

- Fowler –

- Tom, it's me Lucas. I'm out – The private eye was going back to the hotel – Where are my stuff? All the things in the hotel room? –

- A couple of cops where here custoding the place, but now that they let you go, they are gone –

- Okay, okay – Lucas was blocks away – And now? –

- Well, there are other guests checking in, we move your things here to my office. Wait; there is someone at the door –

Lucas heard some noises.

- Fowler? –

- …shaved his head…my car – Fowler said but no to the phone. After that was a click.

What happened? Car? Lucas thought to himself Fowler has his own park space

He ran to the other side of the hotel.

Lucas found the parking space for the "Security manager", a man with his shaved head was getting in the car.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Chapter 06: Bad liar

- Hello – Cuddy answered her phone. She was on her way to the lobby.

- Hi Lisa! –

- Lucas are you okay? – She said – Did they let you go? –

- No, they are being stubborn and they don't like me – Lucas told her – Did you call my sister? –

- Yes. She said she'll sent a lawyer a soon as possible –

- Cool. Thanks, by the way you're my one call – he told her – That's pretty special –

- Okay, uh Lucas; I'm checking out of the hotel –

- Oh, I forgot its Sunday. Are you going back home? –

- I don't want to leave you here –

- I'm fine. I'll be out of here in a few hours – Lucas leaned back on the wall. – There is cop is giving me mean look –

- Lucas, why didn't you let me give you an alibi? –

- You didn't have to – Lucas said – I didn't do it –

- I know, but I could save you the trouble of being interrogated –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Chapter 05: Self-defense

- Please ma'am, stand back – one of the police men told her.
- Lucas, what’s going on? –
- Nothing, I’m just like their prime suspect of a murder –
10 hours before…
- Good night Lisa –
- Good night –
Cuddy closed the door. Lucas turned off the tv and sat in the dark and waited for couple of minutes.
His cell phone rang.
- What up Fowler? –
- He’s still in the party –
- Some nerve. Getting drunk on the party of the couple he is blackmailing –
- But why? – Fowler asked.
- His real name is Malcolm and he has history with the bride. He’s trying to intimidating her – Lucas looked at his watch – Call me when he leaves –

The private eye took a memory stick, a flashlight and put his gloves on. Lucas got out to the balcony. There, he jumped to the other balcony.

No one was on that room. He jumped again to next balcony; the lights on that room were on. Lucas hurried to jump to next balcony, he tripped and almost fell.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Chapter 04: Party

- This is not what it looks like – Lucas said – I needed a date for the wedding so I invited her, and we were just talking. She has her own room –
The woman looked at Cuddy – Okay –
- Hi – Cuddy approached the woman – Dr. Lisa Cuddy, nice to meet you –
- I’m Jessica Jones –
They shook hands.
- I was about to introduce you – Lucas said – Jess is my girlfriend –
- I got that – Cuddy told him – I’ll go back to my room now, goodnight –
Cuddy walked to her room and closed her door. She put her hand on her forehead Of course he has a girlfriend
- So you came all the way from Seattle, you must be tired – Lucas closed the connecting door from his side.
Jessica kept silent.
- We weren’t doing anything wrong –
- You were nervous – She said – But I don’t think you were cheating –
- Then, why are you looking at me like that? –
The woman sighed – You think I wouldn’t recognize her name? Lisa Cuddy was your fiancée –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Chapter 03: Surprise

- What’s wrong with this one? –
Cuddy asked with her hands on her hips.
- Nah…I don’t like the color…it’s too…dark – Lucas answered – The cleavage is perfect, but you need a more, I don’t know, lighter color. Blue to go with your eyes –
They were in a boutique.
- What do you think Rachel? – The P.I. asked the infant, she just replied.
- Mama bluuu –
- See? –
- Okay, okay – Cuddy said returning to the dressing room.
Lucas cell phone rang. – Yeah, I’m here – he said. – Yes, I found him…wait, Rachel come back here – Rachel walked a few steps away; Lucas had to get up to stop her. – No, I’m not with a girl, well…I am, but not like that. I’ll call you back –
Cuddy reappeared with a beautiful sky blue dress – What do you think? –
Lucas smiled – Perfect –
After the shopping was finish, they went to a cafe
- It’s really hot – Cuddy complained again.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Chapter two: Confidential

- Yes, we have your rooms ready Mr. Parker –
The lady in the front desk told Lucas, as she handled him the keys. Cuddy raised and eyebrow when she heard a different last name.
- Thank you –
They walked to the elevators with a bellboy behind them. They didn’t have too much luggage.
- What was that about? – Cuddy asked – Mr. Parker? –
- Uhm…nothing. It’s not illegal to register with an alias. I’m not hiding anything –
- You’re a bad liar – Cuddy said. The bell ring and the elevators doors opened.
- Yes I am – Lucas said very proud – If I was a good liar, I would be such a good criminal –
The bellboy chuckled.
- Here are your rooms – The bellboy said – 608 and 606 –
Cuddy chose the room 606.
- There are clean towels in the bathroom – the bellboy indicated – that door connects to next room –
- My room – Lucas said
- Yes, come this way sir – The bellboy and Lucas left the room.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Chapter one: Invitation

- …Everything changed. Even the little bad things in the past seem bigger, and the good things don’t shine anymore – Cuddy said
- That’s not really fair – Lucas told her.
They were in his apartment. She was sitting on the sofa, with Lucas next to her. Rachel was watching cartoons on TV.
- I know, but that’s how I feel right now – Cuddy sighed – And yesterday I quit my job and put my home for sale–
- Why? –
- I don’t want them anymore – Cuddy laughed bitterly – I looked at my life, and all I have was a broken heart, a hole in my home, and a stressful job. I thought: I don’t want this; I don’t know what I want, but it’s not this. How did I get here?–
- You shouldn’t have taken that left turn in Albuquerque – the private eye told her.
- I’ve spent the last two nights with my mother who is so disappointed, my sister feels sorry for me, Wilson wants to hold me and comfort me… Everything it’s weird right now –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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- Tomorrow – Dr. Kane says – You can take Donnie home tomorrow morning –
Lucas and Cuddy smile. For a little more than a month Lucas and Cuddy visited their baby in the NICU
- Did you hear that sweetie? – Cuddy has the baby in her arms. Donnie is bigger and has a more healthy color. – You're going home –
Lucas kisses the baby forehead before Cuddy puts him back on the cot.
- Thank you Doctor –

- So I'll take a couple of days off to be with the baby –
Cuddy says to Lucas as they walk to her office.
- Love the idea –
- You can stop smiling, can you? – Cuddy says to the detective.
- Well…-
- Dr. Cuddy – Jonah interrupts – You had a message, apparently is an emergency –
Cuddy frowns – From one of my patients? – She takes the piece of paper
- No – Jonah responds – A Dr. James Wilson from Princeton Plainsboro called, he said it was urgent –
- I'm not longer smiling – Lucas says.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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"I'll be back before you know it"
That's what Lucas told Cuddy over a week ago. He took a case two months ago; in behalf of Rachel's teacher; Jenny. It turned into a much complicated and long case.
Lucas ended up in Virginia. Cuddy, now 8 months pregnant, was not happy about it.
Now he's back home. He's tired and he just wants to cuddle with Cuddy and to fall sleep.
At 3 in the morning, Lucas enters quietly into the house. He sees the light on.
- Lisa? –
Cuddy is sitting on the edge of the bed. Her hands clenching the bedspread, she's in pain. – Ufff – She groans – I need to go to the hospital –

Lucas falls asleep, he can't help himself. He's been awake for 36 hours. Rachel is sleeping in his arms. They are in the hospital room.
- Lucas? Lucas? –
The P.I. opens his eyes. Julia and Arlene Cuddy arrived.
- Good you're here –
- Let me take Rachel – Arlene takes the girl from his arms, she protest a little and goes on sleeping.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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- I never had sex with a pregnant woman before –
- Good! If you had I would broke up with you right now –
Begging of February, and Cuddy and Lucas find out the sex still is fun.
After Rachel birthday in December and Cuddy birthday in January they feel more stable with their relationship, which is weird considering that she is 6 months pregnant.
- So when are you gonna stop going to work? – Lucas asks Lisa – I don't think pregnant women are supposed to be in hospitals –
- Not yet – Cuddy says as she slowly gets up from the bed – I can still do my job – Lucas gazes at her, admires her. – What? – Cuddy asks him
- Nothing –
- By the way, I talk with the teachers from Rachel's school. Now you can pick her up without me calling ahead –
- That's good – Lucas says – Do you want me to pick her up today? –

- Please, please Dr. Cuddy – Jonah is practically begging – Let me throw you a baby shower –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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- Ronald? Joshua? – Cuddy says – How about Connor? –
- As long it's not James or Gregory, I'm fine with any name –

Cuddy laughs. It's December and now she is 14 weeks into her pregnancy. Cuddy never made this far with her other attempts. She took the amnio prenatal test, everything is fine. She is scared, nervous, excited and she knows is a boy.

- Lucas, you must have some name you like –
- I don't know, some names remind me certain people…Edward. We can call him Eddie or Ed –
- No, I had a boyfriend named Ed – Cuddy recalls
Lucas is driving Cuddy back to work. She insists in be treated by her Ob/Gyn doctor Kingston.
- I know! We should name him Douglas, and we can call him Doug – Lucas says
Cuddy frowns – You want to name our son Douglas Douglas? –
- No – Lucas parks outside the hospital – Douglas Cuddy –
- Alright – Cuddy doesn't even try to guess, so she just asks – Why? –
- If you think about it, Rachel will be only 3 years older. At some point they'll go to school together. Someone will ask Rachel 'Hey, Rachel. Is that your little brother?' And she'll answer yes....
Opinion by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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- How are you feeling? –
- I don't longer cry myself to sleep thinking about my dead boyfriend –
Lucas is visiting Kelly at her mother's house.
- Okay, dumb question –
The girl is sitting on an orange coach, the P.I. on a chair.
– Thanks for bringing me my things – Kelly says. – What happened to your eye? –
Lucas has a black eye.
- A prostitute hit me – he responds.
- Did you forget to pay her? –
- I was investigating a case – Lucas says.
- Sure, you were –
- Talking about investigating, I can help find out who was behind it, ask some questions… –
- Don't – Kelly interrupts him – Don't do it –
- You don't want to know who had Tony killed ? –
- Lucas, you were right, I knew something was up. The gifts, the fancy car, the expensive meals…I didn't say anything –
- Don't blame yourself –
- I don't! – Kelly tells him – I blame Tony for being a fool…and if they, whoever they are, killed Tony. They'll probably kill you if you get in their business –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Cuddy observes the scene around her. The police, the yellow tape, the noisy neighbors, and the forensic team. She remembers when House got shot, when House was a hostage, and of course when House drove his car through her window.
She also recalls when Amber died, because just like now, a young person died for no good reason.
- I think we had enough – Zach, being part of the district attorney office; helps with Kelly and Lucas statement. – We don't need to go downtown, detective –
- Fine by me – the homicide detective says – Besides, we got the guy under custody –
Kelly is sobbing quietly next to Lucas.
- Kelly! – a woman walks into the department
- Mom! – Kelly goes to her mother's arms.
- There, there – Kelly's mother consoles her, holds her – You'll be fine, sweetie. Can I take her home?–
- Absolutely – Zach tells her – I'll drive you –
- I could…- Lucas talks, but Zach interrupts him
-You've done enough…Lisa, please take care of
Opinion by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Two weeks later, Cuddy feels so much better, emotionally that is. Physical, she is exhausted.
- You could nap in here– her assistant tell her – I won't tell anyone –
- No, the day is almost over –
Cuddy is sitting on the little couch in her office. Moments like this, she misses her old office.
The phone rings. – I'll get it – Jonah says – It's Mr. Douglas –
- Hi –
- Hi Lisa, I got your message, I couldn't answer –
- It's okay…Are you busy tonight? –
- Well…I'm watching the game with Tony and Zach –
Cuddy wonders why men say "the game", like everybody knows what game is on.
- Are you mad at me? – Lucas asks her.
- For you hanging out with your friends? No –
- Anything else? – Lucas insists – You've been acting weird lately, if you don't want to see me, if there is something I did… –
- We both did it –
- What? –
- Nothing…lunch tomorrow? –
- Okay, bye – Lucas hangs up.
Cuddy sighs.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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- Are you okay Dr. Cuddy? – Jonah, her assistant, asks her.
- I’m not sure, that’s why I’m going to see my doctor –
- Why don’t you go with a doctor from our hospital? –
- On my last job I had problems with my privacy. I’m not saying is the same thing here, but just in case –
- Okaaay –
- I’ll be back in hour –
It’s late October and Cuddy has an appointment with her Ob/Gyn doctor.
Lucas is tired and cover in dirt. He’s just getting home.
- You’re finally here – Kelly is sitting on the couch reading a magazine.
- Do you have a copy of my house key? –
- Yes…You stink, where were you? –
- You don’t want to know. Why are you here Kelly? –
Lucas takes off his jacket and sits down. He needs a shower.
- I think Tony wants to marry me. He’s been talking about buying a home, babies, family, and all that stuff – Kelly tells him
- You don’t want to marry him and have his babies? – Lucas takes off his shoes.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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It turns out the premiere is in October (I only like write fanfiction during hiatus), so I won’t update as fast, lets take our time.
Cuddy likes the thrusting, the heat, and the sweat. She lets go everything and enjoys sex.
She finally moans, louder then normal, and collapses on the mattress.
- Happy birthday – Cuddy says with a big smile
Lucas tries to catch his breath – Best birthday present ever! –
It’s a lovely Saturday morning in September, and today is Lucas’ birthday.
- Does that mean that I don’t have to go to your party? – Lucas’ friend, Zach is throwing a birthday party that night.
- C’mon – Lucas says – You’ll have fun tonight. Besides it’s not really a party, is more like a small reunion –
- A reunion with your friends who probably hate me –
- Nobody hates you, and even if they do; they can’t be mean to you on my 39 th birthday –
- Don’t remind me you’re not forty yet –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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- Reddy to go? – Lucas is on time to take Cuddy to see a play.
- Actually, no –
Cuddy takes Lucas by the arm and pulls him into the house.
- The nanny it’s late, and I’m in a conference call… –
- Okay, what can I do? –
- Can you watch Rachel for a minute? –
Lucas sees Rachel sitting on the living room, playing with some blocks.
- Uhm…I don’t think it’s a good idea. She's not familiar with me –
- Non sense – Cuddy pushes Lucas to the living room – Just 5 minutes –
Lucas sighs.
- Hi Rachel – He sits on the couch. Rachel looks at him.
- Hi – she responds.
- What are you building there? –
- A house – her little voice makes everything sound cuter.

[i]It was Monday night, and Lucas was waiting for Lisa to come home.
- There was a big accident – Lucas told the nanny – They need more doctors, so Lisa is going to help and she’ll be coming home late –
- Well, I hope everything is alright – The nanny told him. – Good night Mrs. Douglas –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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- Wanna go to my place and see the game? – Zach, Lucas’ best friend asks him. The men are in the P.I.’s office at the end of the day.
- I probably should tell you now –
- What? –
- I got back together with Lisa – Lucas tells him.
- You...what?... – Zach is shocked
- Yeah, we got back together. I know you don’t like the idea…-
- I’m fine, it’s your life Lucas – Zach says – But…but… I thought you and the girl that lives in your building, what’s her name? –
- Kelly? –
- Yeah Kelly! Aren’t you dating her? –
- No – Lucas answers him – You don’t like the idea of me and her, do you? –
- I don’t want you to be second-best –
- I’m not! –
- Alright then…are you…happy… with the relationship? –
- So far, yes – Lucas responds.
- So be it – Zach tells Lucas – Just don’t make me have dinner with her anytime soon –
- Deal –
- Are you sure you can handle it? – Cuddy asks
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Lucas opens the door of his apartment.
- Hi – He smiles to Lisa and lets her in – Were we supposed to meet today? –
- No – Cuddy sits on the couch.
- Something wrong? –
Lucas sits next to Cuddy.
- He is under custody, and his hearing its Thursday – she tells Lucas. The P.I. realizes she is talking about House. – They don’t need me there, right? –
- The police took your statement, there are more witnesses –
- He is going to jail –
- The charge is malicious destruction of property so depending of the amount of damage; he’ll be in jail a…while –
Cuddy sighs – This is so…argh….I don’t even know what I’m feeling –
Lucas just listens.
- It’s like being disillusioned and angry because he deserves it, but at the same time I know him for years and I’m sending him to prison –
- Did you save House from going to jail a few years back? –
- Yeah – Cuddy says with disappointed tone.
- So now you’re even –
Cuddy half smiles.
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Lucas wakes up, for a second, he forgets where he is.
- Good morning – Cuddy walks in from the other room. Lucas smiles when he sees her. She is already dress up for work.
- Hi – Lucas sits down, looks to the alarm clock. Its 7 am
- Do you want to take a shower? –
- No, I’m fine. I’ll just dress –
Cuddy walks to him and gives him a kiss. – I’ll be in the kitchen –
After a few minutes, Lucas goes to the kitchen.
- Coffee? – Cuddy offers
- No, thanks – Lucas answers – I have to go…I have a job in Pennsylvania –
- Really? –
- I’ll be back by tomorrow morning –
- We can see again tomorrow night – Cuddy tells him
- Yeah, I know –
- Okay –
- So we are dating…again – Lucas smiles
- Apparently we are –
- Mom… – a little voice says. Lucas looks down and sees Rachel, who looks at back him and hides behind Lisa.
- She doesn’t remember you –
- Of course not, she is a toddler –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Lucas concentrates on his phone, is Saturday morning and he’s thinking about Lisa Cuddy.
He hits his head on the table. He stays on that position, thinking, trying to figure out what he is actually feeling for Cuddy.
Lucas sits back up, looks at the phone on his hands. He smiles as he remembers the first time he went out with Lisa, but then his heart aches when he remembers the breakup.
Lucas gets up and walks around in his apartment, clear his mind. On his coffee table are some papers, flyers, and notes. One in particular catches his eye. It’s a flyer for a cinema showing old movies.
Lucas goes back to the phone and makes the call.

Cuddy picks up the phone – Hello? –
- Hi Lisa – Lucas says her name with an upbeat tone – I know where to go on our date –
- Really? Where? –
- It’s a surprise – Lucas waits for her response
- I don’t like…-
- You don’t like surprises – Lucas interrupts – I know, but I also know that you don’t like surprises because you can’t be prepare –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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It’s almost noon, and Lucas is just waking up. He spent all night at stake out. He gets up from bed and walks to his kitchen, when someone knocks at his door.
- Hi – it’s Lisa Cuddy – I hope you’re hungry, I brought you lunch –
She walks into the apartment.
- Ergh…Hi Lisa – he says with surprise – What are you doing here? –
- Lunch – Cuddy points the brown bag. She sits at the kitchen counter. Lucas sits in front of her.
- So you’re just here to feed me? – Asks Lucas –With lasagna apparently –
- I got a job, nice hospital, no management position just me being a doctor – Cuddy says – I’m moving to my new home tomorrow, Rachel is in a new school –
- You’re getting your act together, good for you, Why are you here? –
- To ask you out – Cuddy answers
- Like a date? –
- Yes, a date, date –
Lucas stares at her – You have completely lost your mind – he says.
- It’s not like that – Cuddy defends herself
- It is like that. You want to go from a relationship with years of baggage to another relationship that now it has baggage –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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Lucas is fooling around with Kelly in his apartment. After all, what is the point of having a pretty girl as your neighbor?
- Come here – the girl kisses him and pulls him to her. They fall on the couch.
The phone rings, but they both ignore it. The answering machine picks up.
Hi Lucas, it’s me, I guess you’re not home… Cuddy voice makes Lucas stop paying attention to Kelly.
- way…I want to talk to you, about what happened. Call me, please. Bye –
Lucas gets up from the sofa. – Why did she call me? –
- Why did you stop kissing me? – Kelly asks as she sits down. The private investigator plays back the message.
– Who is she? –
- My ex girlfriend – Lucas answers.
- Emma? Didn’t she move out to Nevada? – Kelly recalls Lucas ex girlfriend.
- No; before her –
- ¡The “Ring Bitch”! – Kelly gave Cuddy that nickname after hearing Lucas story over a year ago.
- Her name is Lisa –
- Oh my! – Kelly jumps to Lucas side –The ring bitch is back; play the message again –
Fan fiction by MoniBolis posted over a year ago
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The next morning Lucas thinks it was all a dream, and Cuddy never called him to “rescue her”. But an early call proves that it wasn’t a dream. Cuddy wants to see him at the hotel’s restaurant.

He dress up and leaves the apartment, on the hallway, Lucas encounters his neighbor, a woman in her 20’s named Kelly.
- Are you just getting home? – Lucas tells her
- I had an awful night – the girl grabs Lucas by the arm – I need you to console me –
- Sorry, I got work – the P.I. smiles, he likes the way Kelly teases him – Have some coffee, and you’ll be fine –
- You didn’t change your mind? – Lucas asks
- No – Cuddy says. They are having a cup a coffee at the restaurant – I’m doing the right decision, I need time by myself, away from everybody –
- But not just a vacation? –
- No, well yes, more like a sabbatical, but after that I need a big change.– she answers – Now I have to quit my job, sale my house, get Rachel out of school, and give my friends and family a good excuse –