Chapter 05: Self-defense

- Please ma'am, stand back – one of the police men told her.
- Lucas, what’s going on? –
- Nothing, I’m just like their prime suspect of a murder –
10 hours before…
- Good night Lisa –
- Good night –
Cuddy closed the door. Lucas turned off the tv and sat in the dark and waited for couple of minutes.
His cell phone rang.
- What up Fowler? –
- He’s still in the party –
- Some nerve. Getting drunk on the party of the couple he is blackmailing –
- But why? – Fowler asked.
- His real name is Malcolm and he has history with the bride. He’s trying to intimidating her – Lucas looked at his watch – Call me when he leaves –

The private eye took a memory stick, a flashlight and put his gloves on. Lucas got out to the balcony. There, he jumped to the other balcony.

No one was on that room. He jumped again to next balcony; the lights on that room were on. Lucas hurried to jump to next balcony, he tripped and almost fell.

His heart was racing, but he was finally on the right room. The private eye forced the lock and got in. With his flashlight, he started looking around for a computer.

The laptop was on the night stand. He proceeded to copy files to his memory stick and then replace them with others.

Then very carefully return to his room the same way. He turns on the lights

Lucas grabbed his cell phone – Hi, it’s me –
- Do you get the files? –
- Yes, you can tell your boss to enjoy his honey moon. But I found something extra. No only Malcolm had naked pictures of the bride, he also had confidential documents. Patents and designs –
- What he was going to do with that? –
- Sale them – Lucas looked at his watch
- What about the documents? –
- Malcolm is looking for the highest bidder. Apparently Mr Art Brooks is interested –
Lucas told him.
- He is an ex partner. He signed a non-compete clause. Do you have proof? –
- Nothing solid. You have two options. Either you call the police or -
- No, no police –
- Okay, then I’ll get you evidence so you can sued Mr. Brooks –
Lucas hung up.
The private eye opened a suitcase with his equipment. His cell phone rang again.
- Douglas, he leaving the party, but he is not going to his room –
- Thanks Fowler, I know where he’s going –
He rushed off out of his room.
- Wait a minute – Cuddy said in her best “boss lady” voice – What murder? When? –
- Last night a body guard was murder and man fitting Douglas description was seen fleeing the scene near the marina. – One detective with a big brown mustache said. – It sure doesn’t helps he registers under an alias –
- That’s not illegal – Lucas said.
- It doesn’t matter, he’s a person of interest and we’re taking downtown for interrogation – the detective finished to say.
- Uhm…last night Lucas was with me – Cuddy – so he couldn’t killed anyone –
- Ma’am; are you give him an alibi? –
Cuddy was about to respond when Lucas shout
- No –
They all looked at him.
- She’s lying, well…no, she is not lying, because lying to the police is wrong. Lisa is uhm…confused. I think she is still jet lag. I was with her until 9 o’clock –
Cuddy frowned.
- Okay, let’s go – The Miami detective said.
- Lisa, would please call my sister? It’ll be a while before they let me call my lawyer –
Lucas told her before the cops took him the elevator.
- Sure – Cuddy responded still confused about what just happened.
- Karen Douglas office –
- Hi…this is Dr. Lisa Cuddy –
Cuddy felt awkward calling Lucas’ sister. She only met her once, and she seemed nice. Regardless, it was awkward to call your almost sister in law.
- Lisa Cud..? Oh, yeah – The woman said over the phone – Lisa what can I do for you? –
- This is about Lucas. He is in legal troubles –
- What? – The sister sounded concern – Tell me what happened –
- I’m not sure, but he’s under custody of the Miami police. They think Lucas was near a murder or he was the murderer. It’s absurd –
There was silence from Karen.
- Karen? Hello? –
- Are you calling from the station? –
- Not, from the hotel. The police took him just a few minutes ago –
- Thank you for calling – the sister said – I’ll see if I can catch a plane, but in the meantime, I’ll send an associate of the firm who is closer –
- I’m sure it’s misunderstanding, right? I mean, he didn’t do it. –
- Lisa, I need to know what happened. What the police know –
- But he didn’t do it. He is not capable of hurting anyone –
Silence again.
- There is a precedent – Karen said
- A precedent? What do you mean? –
Karen sighed – 5 years ago Lucas killed a man in self-defense. He got in a lot of legal troubles for that –
- He never told me that – Cuddy said.
- Lisa, I got go. I’ll call you later – Karen hung up.
Cuddy put the phone down. –
- Lucas killed a man? – The discovery didn't sit well on her
- According to your records you killed a cop – One detective said.
They were in the interrogation room
Lucas smiled disappeared – A dirty narc cop. Self defense –
- Am I supposed to take your word for it? –
- No – Lucas answered – You’re supposed to take the judge word. –
Lucas didn’t break eye contact. – You have the wrong guy…and I want to make a phone call –

To be continued…
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