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LuHan鹿晗_WHAT IF I SAID_Official Music Video

LuHan鹿晗_On Call_Official Music Video

LuHan鹿晗_Skin to Skin_Official Music Video

LuHan鹿晗[That Good Good/有点儿意思]Dance Practice Video练习室版MV

LuHan鹿晗_Roleplay_Dance Performance Video

LuHan鹿晗_On fire_Official Music Video

LuHan: FootBall Gang

(Eng Sub) EXO-M Funny Moment #2 Luhan's punishment?

[DeerStation] 130330 EXO-M - open arms live @ SJC (LUHAN FOCUS)

130820 EXO Sehun calling Luhan "My Baby" SSTP

Luhan and Sehun on shimshimtapa 130820

XOXO Luhan fanart - Speed Process - [ Gaborovna ]

【Luhan focus】 120422星光大道EXO-M

130825 LA 'K-Con 2013' - 장난꾸러기 루한

130812 속초 루한

Exo M Luhan and his Little girlfriend !

Luhan playing with the lamp like a boss!

Exo Weekly Idol Luhan ft. Chanyeol and Chen dancing Apink No No No

4/6/2013 EXO M - Tao & Luhan dancing wolf @ Changsha Airport

[ENGSUB/HD] 130830 THE STAR Luhan Interview

신동의 심심타파 : EXO, Sexy Dance - 엑소 형 라인, 섹시 댄스 20130607

120806 EXO Arriving at Gimpo Airport - Luhan & Baekhyun got pushed & Luhan fell

14/4/2013 EXO - Tao choked on water + Luhan's helping @ 13th Music Billboard Awards

[Fancam] 121101 Luhan take care of Lay during Rehearsal @ Wuhan 2012 IEF opening ceremony

EXO M Luhan is caring




[Fancam] Luhan so good at playing Temple Run

[ Fanmade ] LuHan ( EXO ) I ♥ U

EXO-M - History (Lu Han Version)

LuHan (EXO-M) - Play Rubik

120903 Genie AR Show with SMartist Luhan dancing MAMA & Time Control

26/5/2013 EXO M - Tao & Luhan moments @ Taiwan Airport

EXO - D.O. Chen Luhan Baekhyun Singing Open Arms

(exo) Hunhan moment!

130716 EXO Luhan & Chanyeol funny moment in Kazan

♥ ℒuhan - ℂute overload! ♥

Tao Luhan Full of love 满满都是爱

(Eng Sub) Tao says Lu Han has a baby face

EXO-M Lu Han aegyo fail (super cute!)

Luhan talking about Sehun at debut showcase in Beijing (Eng subs)

Luhan can't open the door

[Fancam] 130604 Luhan singing "Dont go" @ Happy Camp Recording

130814 exo weekly idol Luhan(1/2)

EXO Luhan - Dodol Pop Alarm Video (Korea Ver)

EXO LUHAN - Dodol Pop Alarm Video (Chinese ver)

Exo M Luhan Funny and cute moment

EXO-M - Luhan's voice only

Luhan tribute

[FANCAM] CLBC Baby Dont Cry_ Luhan focus

EXO - Luhan { compilation of live singing }

[Fanmade] EXO-M Kris & Luhan - Baby Steps

EXO-M Luhan is laughing way too much!

EXO- M Luhan swims and plays in water @ Go all Out Fancam

EXO-M Luhan Play Rubik In 50 Seconds!

EXO-M Lu Han and Chen say tongue twister (MUST WATCH!)

LU HAN solving an Rubik's Cube

EXO-M Luhan, Too cute to handle. 鹿晗.