Luigi: *gets in the other side of the table tennis*

Lune: *does the same*

Max: *looks* oh god this may be funny xD

Shadow: i know right

Max: yeah

* a minute later*

Luigi: ok this may be my last shot to be a tie

Lune: Bring it on!

Luigi: *makes i*

Lune: *hits it hard*

the ball went to Luigi and hits him

the speaker: the winner is Lune the hedgehog

Lune: yay!

Max:omg! Luigi got hit by a girl xDDDDD

Sour: the fuck?

Sour: but how?

Lune: um i dont know

Kira: wow mom that was Epic!

Lune: i know

Kesha: wow soo cool

Peach: Luigi! r u ok!?

Luigi: yeah

Mario: u little! *grabs Lune*

Lune: *kicks Mario in the nut*


Sahdow: xD

Sonic: xD

The speaker: ok in this part will be the running i need the sonic team and mario team plz report to the track now

Max: umm does he mean it?

Lune: yep *walks*

who would win the running team sonic or mario *Lune and max and the character i add is not the u know i just wanted 2 add them 2 the sonic team*