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Street-x_x-rat said …
Machine gun Kelly, I first discovered your music three years ago when I was struggling with depression and I was completely suicidal. One of my friends introduced me to your music, and I've been devoted since. It's crazy knowing that someome I've never met has changed my life for good. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be alive right now. Thank you for saving me. I would love to hear from you sometime. It would mean everything. My names Maya, I live in Ohio and my numbers 740 684 4212 Posted 21 days ago
williamEST19XX said …
Mgk your music is amazing it has changed me and
My entire life man i first heard your music when i was
On my way to ny cousins funeral and its changed me since
I would love to get a phone call from you my number is
7655464408 Posted 1 month ago
urbanjojo said …
I'm sure you get this everyday, but you as a person and your music is so inspiring. Your music has taken me from rock bottom to standing on my feet and I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you enough. I'm a true Cleveland fan and if you ever see this and got the chance to contact me my Twitter is @urbanjojo and my phone number is 3306356866. Lace up! Posted 4 months ago