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urbanjojo said …
I'm sure you get this everyday, but you as a person and your music is so inspiring. Your music has taken me from rock bottom to standing on my feet and I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you enough. I'm a true Cleveland fan and if you ever see this and got the chance to contact me my Twitter is @urbanjojo and my phone number is 3306356866. Lace up! Posted 3 months ago
morgnt23k said …
mgk your music has brought me back from rock bottom. i know many people who judge you for how you look and what you say in your music but they are just jealous because they misunderstood your message. mgk you are the reason i still wake up every morning your music is the only thing that makes me smile anymore. if you would ever find a time call me 5742261748. Heroes are remembered. Legends never die. I ain’t dyin any time soon. thank you for saving my life and you didnt even know it. Posted 3 months ago
Jamez369 said …
I just posted. My fb is Enzo Americana, real name James Watson who's on his friends list. I just posted. My phone will be on the 3rd. My son more important than my phone. I'm a huge fan and you give me so much hope but have you ever had so much talent and ability but your hands were tied to wear you couldn't move or breath? THATS why I'm suicidal. I want to help my family. To hell with me. 406-694-4184 Posted 3 months ago