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Mad Hatter/Jefferson Wall

magichand said …
He's a very interesanting charachter...


can we change the spot look... The colr is missing to this spot... Posted over a year ago
magichand commented…
the colors are missing at this spot* over a year ago
SherlockStark commented…
I'd love to see some more color, too. over a year ago
CrazyMadHatter commented…
Agreed! over a year ago
rgreen351 said …
last nights episode The Doctor was the last one he did. I will miss him I loved watching him as Jefferson. Amazing actor. Posted over a year ago
SisterOfThalia commented…
Wait, that was his last one!? Since when? over a year ago
Viole commented…
:CCCC over a year ago
laurik2007 commented…
noooo! over a year ago
TVfan97 commented…
Yeah, he is an amazing actor :DDDDD over a year ago
SisterOfThalia said …
What I find really sad about Jefferson is that he's been reduced into kidnapping. I really can't see the Mad Hatter doing that, and yet those years of madness have driven him to that. So sad. Posted over a year ago