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► mad hook || THRIFT SHOP

Jefferson [Mad Hatter] || Rubik's Cube

Jefferson / Hatter (Once upon a time) - I'm slightly mad

1x21 - Jefferson & Regina Scene

2x02 David asks Jefferson if he can help him get to the Enchanted Forest.

OUAT // Jefferson (The Mad Hatter)

OUAT | • The Mad Hatter | • Welcome to the Mad House [ 1x17 ]

●Jefferson [Mad Hatter] // takes my breath away.

Jefferson's The Name (OUAT 2x05)

jefferson + grace || nobody said it was easy

JEFFERSON | Off With His Head [OUAT]

Emma & Jefferson | No Light, No Light

Jefferson/Belle - Grey

Jefferson 'Mad Hatter' | Relax My Beloved

Rolling In The Deep...A Mad Swan...Emma and Jefferson||Mad Hatter OUAT Video.

Jefferson :.take the weight off me...(1x17)

Toxic // Emma & Jefferson {OUAT}

Set Fire To The Rain...A Mad Swan...Emma...Jefferson||Mad Hatter...OUAT Video.

Jefferson/Emma | Wishing that you could just go back now

open your mind • emma & jefferson [ouat] ❤

some of them want to abuse you... | jefferson&emma

Jefferson & Emma || SAIL

seven devils | emma&jefferson/mad hatter

What Have You Done...A Mad Swan...Emma...Jefferson||Mad Hatter...OUAT Video.

Once Upon a Time: What Makes the Mad Hatter Mad?

The Mad Hatter

dead hearts | emma & jefferson

Diary of Jane || Jefferson/Emma

Emma and Jefferson - Ready

Mad Swan Queen- Sex and Candy

Once Upon a Time- "Mad as a Hatter"

Mad Hatter/Jefferson-Welcome to the Mad House

Mad Hatter Jefferson's Mad World (Once Upon a Time)

Once Upon a Time|1x17|Mary Maraget and Emma vs Jefferson