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The fans pick: yes
1 of my favorites
The fans pick: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
The fans pick: yes, he is so handsome!!
The fans pick: He can rise to the occasion.
The fans pick: 10-Hes completetly bonkers!!! >:3
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namelessbastard said …
we are all mad here! Posted over a year ago
bowties_r_cool said …
Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk? Posted over a year ago
AJE123 commented…
I think what he means is that: "they both produce a few notes" - ravens don't have much variety in their songs and people use desks to write (paper) notes as well over a year ago
AJE123 commented…
or one is a rest for pens, the other is a pest for wrens over a year ago
AJE123 commented…
Poe wrote on both he wrote a poem on ravens and also wrote on his desk but lewis carroll never intended there to be an answer over a year ago
bowties_r_cool commented…
Very smart answers, congrats for thinking of them! I kind of knew there wasn't supposed to be an answer, it was more of me jut quoting a line from the film :) over a year ago
Nerdbuster2 said …
When I first watched the film I couldn't bare the Hatter but now I absolutely ADORE him :) I think it's that super cute Johnny Depp face that won my heart!! Posted over a year ago