krystal mia wolski [6]
renesmee's pov.

they where upstairs fight with the volturi just to save me i felt bad, my best friends mother and father and her family were fighting to save me, when i had almost killed her during birth, this wasnt fair. My bff had had many occasions when he had hit Demitri in the head with a brick, that had made me laugh.when i walked into a room and finds something that the wolski's are hidding is this what the volturi came for this little piontless rock.
the volturi want me to join them and i didn't so when i didn't now i have to turn my back on my family but i'm really trying to find out more about the volturi maybe i'll learns a dark deep secret the wolski'share with the volturi also how to become human again. or any more secrets like other secret that is really imortant to vampires and werewolfs.after i gather my thoughts out of nowhere the volturi find me in the closet and grab me and turn to the wolski "you little lairs"cauis said ,"NO PLEASE NO TAKE ME NOT HER"lilly yelled

*To Be Contined*
lilly elezabeth wolski [11]
hannah jane wolski [26]
jason bill wolski [28]