Marie's POV
"Please everybody, I come in peace. I come on a mission. Aro just wants me to observe a Swan for 1 year. Then I'll be gone." Alec soothed us. It wasn't soothing words at all. "You will not spy on my Bella." Edward groweled angrily. I rolled my eyes. Oh yes everyone please pretend I don't exsist(!) It's always Bella this Bella that, but im a protector, not the protected. I am tougher and stronger so nobody has to worry.
"Not that Swan." He smirked. Great. Unless me and Bella has a long lost sibling with us now, I am offically screwed. Everyone turned to look at me as if I did something bad. This situation reminds me of someone being exiled, and they caused shame. But I'm nowhere near.
"What if I don't want this?" I asked bravely.
"Too bad I have to." He smirked laughing quietly but with a hint of regret in his voice.
That was when I started to loose it beacuse I did not like his tone.
"I'll show you bad..." I trailed off going to attack, but Jasper and Emmett held me back. When I get angry, it takes them two to hold me back and calm me.
Mr. Smirker himself was laughing, looking at me.
"Please anything else?" He was challenging.
"Now everyone calm down. The boy must do his work." Esme tried to calm me. Everyone agreed. I still didn't. I knew this would be the start of hell...

***Couple days later***
This boy or thing (whatever you want to call him,) was driving me insane! I can't go anywhere without him behind me. It's coming to the point that I would love to rip his head off...
"May I help you?" I sarcasticlly asked in school.
He just stood there grinning like an idiot. He took a few steps towards me and whispered in my ear; "You know full well I have to do this. And to be honest, I'm enjoying this."
What the hell?! Did I just hear him correctly?
When he was saying this Jessica walked passed me. "Aww so sweet the Swan has a boyfriend." She was mocking me for the fun of it. One day, I'd want to kill her. Trust me I will never regret that wish.
"Oh that little..." I mutter fustrated. Alec just kept laughing. He found my life when it was at the point of hell, so amusing.
He whispered something in my ear again. "Relax. Seeing you fiesty is entertaining." Hearing that made my knees go weak and.. What the hell? Did he just make feel weak? This can't be happening. I won't allow it.
"You sure on that?" He challenged me. Crap. Can he read minds or am I predictable?
Leaning forward again about to whisper something for the third time in my ear, made me curious to what he was about to say.
"Yes you are predictable." I could feel his breath tickiling on my ear and cheek.
This time, he made me feel weak; that I couldn't control it.
"Mabey I am predictable. But is it your problem?" I asked with attitude. I'm not like this; I was already put in a mood before.
"Sort of, because I can't tell something. I need your help." He said. Apart from driving me crazy he made me confused.
He leaned forward. He whispered words I never thought I'd hear. "Just say no if you want to stop." I got the message what he wanted.
I didn't know how to react. I think he's a pain. But he is sorta special in a way. He does make me feel weak and to be honest I liked it. This is mixed up. But I wouldn't say no.
Closer and closer we were inches apart. I could almost feel his lips on mine and then-

Next thing I knew I was chasing Emmett. To fill you in, he was walking pass with a camera phone.
*Click, click* There was flashing and booming laughter.
"Oh Marie you are so sure you didn't want anything to do with him?" He laughed and ran down the hall.
"Emmet!" I yelled. Before I could kiss Alec, I was darting with great speed towards Emmett. He would forever mock me about this. I know what you might be thinking. I was running with great 'human speed.' He might be a strong vampire, but I was faster. "Ok look here.. It is wrong to spy on people." I tried to tackle getting the phone off him. But just my (bad luck) Edward grabbed the phone. He laughed but looked at me ashamed.
"Why Marie? Are you ill?" He asked. I was offeneded.
"Edward I'm not. Emmett knows better not to spy. But its true. We almost kissed." I explained. I just walked off.
I heard Rosalie and Alice in the background squeling. "Almost kiss?" They were too excited. The boys were confused but were laughing.

I just felt embarrsed and confused.
I wanted to run.. run from the mocking.. excitedness and step back to relax. Sometimes it's tough being a frozen crazy teen. The bad news is you are stuck like that; so you will have to endure the pain that comes with it. If you don't know what I'm saying I'll make it easier: Love, Crushes, Kisses, Romance, Forbiddeness.
This is so wrong...
It doesnt matter if I had maths then english next. I'm smarter than the teachers. So I miss a couple lessons, big woop(!) Somehow, I'm not selfish but I feel my feelings matter at this point.
The one thing I didn't realise was a pair of cold hands wrapped round my waist. "Sarà ok. Sono qui per consolarti. I promice io non ti lascerò." (It will be ok. I'm here to comfort you. I promice I won't leave your side.) His promice felt trustworthy. Suddenly all hatred, craziness and fustratedness went away. All I see is a normal teenage boy comforting a friend in need... well mabey more than a friend. But he might not think that way of me.
"Mabey I do." He smiled. He kissed my cheek.
I snapped back to normal.
"Can you read minds?" I asked. I was waiting with anticipation for his response.
"Well you see.. I have two powers. All the things you thought about me... I feel the same..."
I gasped.. frozen.. in shock...