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New Story/ My Clans

Article by MacieFrog101 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Hi. I just now joined fanpop, already LOVING it! Now, I've started writing a story about My Clans, NightClan,FlameClan, NightClan, and My Main Clan: LightningClan. As we go deeper into the story, we start off with a nice little secret-meeting, between two Kits, both almost apprentices, Near the River that marks a border. The 2 kits are Dragonkit and Ravenkit(me).(You might wanna know who I am, so i'll explain later) They meet each other quickly, and wish each other good luck with their apprenticeship, both being the same exact age. Ravenkit's Mother (Known As PoppyFlower) Beckons her. Ravenkit runs to her mother. I am Ravenkit/paw/heart/star.We get into all that later. I'm not Finished with the story, and I'll post the whole story later.

Also, one of the clans is in great danger at the end of the story. No more Spoilers, though!
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i think your story will be awsome. i just now joined this site too. will you comment my article?
posted over a year ago.