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katsopoliswife1 said …
READ THE POST UNDERNEATH THIS ONE FIRST THEN GO BACK TO READING THIS ONE! So it has lead when lipstick contains lead so can lead you to health problems. So that is why lipstick with crayons is so much safer because they are made for children to use and to handle, so it is COMPLETELY SAFE. Check it out in the video section. Posted over a year ago
katsopoliswife1 said …
Check out the videos stab and look for the two videos I posted. They are both about how to make LIPSTICK out of CRAYONS. It may sound silly or weird coo-coo crazy. But the real lipsticks that you by at the stores, lots f your favorite lipstick most likely to contain lead. Which is bad because lead is a very strong poison. When a person swallows a lead object or breathes in lead dust, some of the poison can stay in the body and cause serious health problems. Posted over a year ago
khanna266 said …
I love makeup i use it everyday but all i have is eyeshadow,eyeliner,mascara,and very little lip-gloss i used to have powder but i ran out and haven't been able to get any since then and my sister stole my blush a little while back but she won't fess up to doing it she also stole one of my lip-glosses she won't fess up to that either oh well Posted over a year ago