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Opinion by Mouseshadow posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I was thinking earlier today about something FREAKIN' awesome of what I think should happen in LoK.
Ok here it is:

I think Korra should lose her bending by Amon.

Yes, I know that sounds really REALLY weird but, just hear me out. I was thinking that she should lose her bending, but good ol' Tenzin continues to teach her. Not Airbending at the moment but the spiritual side of bending the most important part of being the Avatar. So she conects with Aang and all her past lives and she is then able to regain her bending and the first she masters is Air. She then has to re-master the other four elements!

Tenzin- Airbending master
Bolin- Earthbending master
I was thinking maybe Katara for her water-banding teacher again. It shall never be Tarlock. He's crazy.
And last but not least
Mako- Firebending master

It should go in the same order Aang learned his. I was thinking that 'cause if Korra learns Firebending from Mako she'll be even better than before, and it could possible maybe build a much stronger relationship between the two love birds.