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Good Shoujo,Romance Manga?

Im looking for a good manga with a popular,bishouen boy,mean jelous popular girl,pretty,long brown haired' main character,and a hate relationship that forms into love!

Please don't name;
Vampire knight
Ouran high school host club
Fruit basket
Kaichou wa Maid-sama

And...a big thank you to all answers!

 MissRandomRuby posted over a year ago
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Manga Answers

Volldagora said:
These mangas have hate-to-love relationships, but the protagonist is a girl. Hope that's what you're looking for!

-Nanaco Robin
-Lovely Complex
-Saboten no Himitsu
-Girl Got Game/Power!
-Good Morning Call
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posted over a year ago 
Thanks for your answer,they sound good,ill give them a try.
MissRandomRuby posted over a year ago
CrescentMoon777 said:
I don't fully understand why you have all of those demands. But these are by far the best shojo series i have ever read!

Kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteru
Last game
Full moon wo sagashite
Merupuri (Same author as VK)
Ultra maniac

Hope you find something you might like! =)
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posted over a year ago 
Awesome! They sound great,ill read them (:
MissRandomRuby posted over a year ago
BubbleFish said:
Rosario Vampire
Skip Beat
Stardust Wink
Koukou debut
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posted 11 months ago 
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