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Fan fiction by Marcileonna7 posted over a year ago
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I'm a bit guilty that I couldn't see to my friends a lot. So I'm visiting Marcilene and Marshal Lee eith red velvet cupcakes.
I knocked cheerfully on the door of Marcilenes house. "It's Pian!"I said. Marcilene answered. "Hey Pian," she said,"how did you leave the RRB and the PPG?" I thought about how they tried to eat the cupcakes and the boys jumped me while the girls tried to get some. I shivered. Marci let me in and I sat down.
Marshal came in next. "Hi Pian ."he said.He looked around as if to see the six 5-year-olds."Was it THAT bad. I was really guilty now.
"I have red cupcakes ." I said quietly. "Cool",Marshal said taking one and sucking the color out of it. " I also brought presents!"I said in a dull cheerfulness . I took red lava lamps out. I snickered . I made the out of real lava that cooled when touched. By THEM. They took them and said"thank you"and dropped them. They floated 3inches near the ground .
I knew what they were thinking exactly. The rest of tue day was a bag of snails,Nose's mud slime and a tight hug which nearly killed them. But I wouldn't do such a thing,or would I?Mwahahaha! Mwahahaha! Ahem,mm. Sorry peeps.