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Opinion by EspanolAstro posted over a year ago
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Well, hey everybody, my name is Minki, I live in Japan, no joke, I'm 18, this is my first article about Marcy and the people she's been shipped with, so please don't hate! Thanks.

So, many people around the world think Marceline's bad boy counterpart Marshall Lee should date her. Well, if he did [b] I'd cry forever. [b]

So anyways, why would they think Marshall Lee, the bad-ass rapper, would date Marcy, full of drama and she's one "EX-y" lady! No one gets it. Moving on, people think because Marcy and Marshmallow Lee (Hehe) should only date because of their appearances. Some think they're cute together in chibi form and in their respectful forms. Some people just think differently from those main two, and that's totally okay, totally okay. It's really fine. But Marshall and Marcy, sitting in a tree, P-U-K-I-N-G. Sorry, I don't ship it.

Anyways, now to Bonnibel, Marcy's HER problem. *Get it? I'm Just (Bonnie's) Your Problem.* Well, CN doesn't ship it, but some of us do. Bubbline forever, I think. But people think differently and HATE LGBT. Well, I say, I'm pansexual, so you can't do that. It's just not right. Let everyone love who...
Fan fiction by Marcileonna7 posted over a year ago
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I'm a bit guilty that I couldn't see to my friends a lot. So I'm visiting Marcilene and Marshal Lee eith red velvet cupcakes.
I knocked cheerfully on the door of Marcilenes house. "It's Pian!"I said. Marcilene answered. "Hey Pian," she said,"how did you leave the RRB and the PPG?" I thought about how they tried to eat the cupcakes and the boys jumped me while the girls tried to get some. I shivered. Marci let me in and I sat down.
Marshal came in next. "Hi Pian ."he said.He looked around as if to see the six 5-year-olds."Was it THAT bad. I was really guilty now.
"I have red cupcakes ." I said quietly. "Cool",Marshal said taking one and sucking the color out of it. " I also brought presents!"I said in a dull cheerfulness . I took red lava lamps out. I snickered . I made the out of real lava that cooled when touched. By THEM. They took them and said"thank you"and dropped them. They floated 3inches near the ground .
I knew what they were thinking exactly. The rest of tue day was a bag of snails,Nose's mud slime and a tight hug which nearly killed them. But I wouldn't do such a thing,or would I?Mwahahaha! Mwahahaha! Ahem,mm. Sorry peeps.