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Article by Schnusch posted over a year ago
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- Mário sees a horse with dots.
Mário: "Oh look! A zebra!"
Vanessa: "Zebras have stripes!"
Mário: "Whatever. A Dalmatian then."
Vanessa gives up hope.

- Mário loves eating Lamborghini. (Lasagne)

- Mário is a MAN. Men NEVER walk around the sofa. They have to jump over it. (he really does that ALL THE TIME) And then complain about pain in the knees, the back and the head.

- Men also NEVER walk around the sofa to bring you something. They throw it at you. (Mário is a chocolate bar thrower. Once the result was the chocolate bar falling on the laptop and breaking in half.

- Vanessa: There shouldn't be a father's day. They don't deserve it.
Mario: Oh yes we do, we go to work.
Vanessa: And you give birth to the baby as well?
Mario: I would do it if I wouldn't need to work anymore!
Vanessa: Would you? And what about having your days every month?
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Your two moon signs are 135 degrees apart in a Quincunx angle. One of you may feel like you are constantly working to please the other. This may be the sign of a relationship that is out of balance so take extra care to watch out for this.There is some compatibility between these two Moon signs. You share little in common.Your Moon signs indicate that you have conflicting desires however there is still a great deal of romance and desire between you.

Libra is typically a Moon sign of charm, tact, and elegance. Pisces is a Moon sign of sensitivity, gentle sympathy and respect. Each of you may find that you have just enough of the stuff that the other needs to make you feel complete. The Libra Moon may have to learn to be careful with the sensitivity of the Pisces Moon.
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Leo rising appears to the world as someone with a bright, sunny disposition - at times even dramatic. You seem to exude confidence and when you walk into a room others definitely notice!

If you meet someone with a Leo Ascendant it’s important to remember that this person is proud, noble and expects to be treated with respect and dignity. Embarrass a Leo rising individual and you’ll never have him as a lover.

And you would regret that loss. Leo is the lover of the zodiac. This sign is ruled by the Sun who is the giver of life and vitality. No other sign is as capable of turning a dating experience into a fairy tale romance. Leo rising lives to give love and sexual expression is always fun and natural with this sign. Dating a Leo rising individual might feel like you’ve won the love match lottery!

Scorpios have a dark and mysterious style which, combined with an irresistible personal magnetism, creates a fascination in members of the opposite sex. They ooze sexual excitement and require a partner who can keep up with their marvelous capacity for taking everything to the limit and far beyond.
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Virgo rising seems to be quite refined. Very often a probing, analytical speaker with a soft tone to your voice, others may see you as intelligent and witty. Others may accuse you of either being too neat, or too messy, but you will certainly have a distinct pattern to your character. Others will notice how important work is to you as well.

This Ascendant runs the risk of criticizing and undermining a lover because he truly wants perfection. In matters of love and dating this could be a bit of an impediment. A relationship with Virgo rising is never easy and must be earned.

When it comes to sex and relationship Virgo rising will analyze a love match to pieces before he surrenders to it. Once you’ve won the heart of someone with a Virgo Ascendant however, he’s surely one of the most attentive signs in bed.

When in love, Leo's love of fun is only outdone by the romantic in them. They are faithful lovers with a passion that may seem too hot to handle!
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Some warn "danger, danger" when Leo and Scorpio meet, but there's a simmering fixedness that keeps these steamy signs bonded. Scorpio admires the radiance of Leo, and attracts the lion with their own mysterious magnetism. Leo's warmth melts the initial seriousness of Scorpio, and wins their trust with openness and generosity. Scorpio's deeply anchored and focused persona is a big draw for Leo, sensing someone that will support their own ambitions. They understand the edgy ego defenses of the other, and may even enjoy the tension their strong wills create.

Pluto-ruled Scorpio has the intensity of a fire sign, but with a psychic-intuitive radar that will catch Leo doing anything sneaky. Both are jealous and possessive, and will need to set ground rules, and learn to fight fair. When either feels betrayed, the relationship suffers from the Scorpion's sting and the Lion's deafening roar. A loss of trust turns these zodiacal predators into the formidable enemy within. As exes, they may give in to a scorched earth policy, leaving no remnants of good will behind.
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Hello everyone we are back =)

What we've been doing:

- We got engaged Christmas Eve 2009
- My Sister got herself a Labrador
- I am studying at a Distance Learning program about "How to Become A Writer"
- Pretty busy with my story. Mario wants to learn drawing so he can make the illustrations
- Mario works and lives in Germany with me for almost two years now
- We've lived in my parents flat sharing only a small room for one year (I think that is more than a proof of relationship stability ;) It wasn't always easy to be stuck with each other like that)
- Now since April 2010 we've been living in our own apartment, living our own life and trying to become a family
- Our fathers are slightly starting to try communicating with each other (partially per google translator xD)
- While our relationship grew stronger other relationships around us including some in my family have become more fragile, have even been at the risk of falling apart
Opinion by leuron posted over a year ago
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A superficial world
A world of lies, deceiving and betrayal
In a world like this
It's natural that you fear
Fear that I am gonna let you down
That I lie, that I would betray you

But you know?
There are good things in this world too
They are rare, that is a fact
But they exist, I exist
With me, you can let go of all your fears
Trust me and embrace this love completely
For you can't feel totally happy
When you don't really trust me

Making you happy
Seeing your beautiful smile everyday
Is what I want the most
What makes me feel the happiest
Knowing you trust in me
Or that at least you try to
Is a great proof of your love for me

I want you to feel safe in my arms
I want it to be your place of choice
When you want to relax
When you want an escape
From this evil, crazy world
My love shall be your tent
Where you take refuge
Article by leuron posted over a year ago
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-"Giant Stuffed Angel Zombie Baby Bear" (Short For Mário)

-Vanessa "Blow, my ass!" Mário "It might blow back"

-"Lazy Pink" (Perfect name for Vanessa's perfume)

-"Lazy in the Water" (Vanessa in the Bathtub)

-"Are you Mr.da Silva?" (Intelligent girl at the Agency of work to Vanessa)

-"My ass too" (Vanessa's mother reply when "my ass" is said)

-Mário "You smell good" Vanessa "naah"

-"The Long One" (Mário´s nickname by Vanessa's Grandpa)

-Vanessa "You're stupid. I love you." Mário "You're stupid too."

-Vanessa "You're whistling the X-Files music while poking me. It's true I'm an alien!"

-Mário "You're always laughing... sometimes..."

-Vanessa "My subconscious always brings up your name" Mário "Like a fart."

-Vanessa "What was the name of the elephant again? The one with the big ears..." Mário "Bambi?"
Opinion by leuron posted over a year ago
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End of September last year, my eyes meet yours
End of September last year
My eyes meet yours
A princess with golden hair
Coming towards me
Our bodies touch
In a tight embrace
I smell your perfume
I look at your face
Deep blue eyes
The cutest I’ve ever seen
So filled with love
I lose myself in them
Then, I hear a sweet melody
I’m fascinated by your voice
The most amazing sound I ever heard
I want to hear it forever
Such beauty coming from you
Beautiful body, beautiful soul
I can’t take my eyes of you
The most gorgeous smile
The cutest laugh
It warms my heart
The way you move
The way you look at me
Makes me want to get closer
But I just can’t
I’m still very shy

Then, as that night ends
And we say our good nights
I go home
Lie on my bed alone
Thinking about you
I’m sure you are the one
The one I want for me
I imagine you in my future
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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They are so colorful and beautiful
The butterflies in my heart
Telling of the love I feel for you
This love makes me so happy
It gives me wings
A love that is so beautiful
So innocent yet so passionate
So young and it won't grow old
A love that never dies
That never loses its strength
And though it deepens each second
Will always stay fresh and young
I'll always want you with me
Like on the first day we kissed
I will always feel that my paradise is in your arms
Endlessly huge
Amazingly beautiful
The most honest
That's what the butterflies talk about
My love
My love for you <3

I really love you sooo much Mário <333 you're my one and only *-*
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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If you ever find yourself thinking about
Who you really are
and if you are good enough
Each time you have doubts
about yourself
Read this

I know exactly who you are
You are the one I'm in love with
You are the one I have a crush on
You are the one who's my best friend
You are the one who makes me laugh
You are the one who's always there for me
You are the one who gives me hope
You are the one who saved my life
You are the one I believe in
You are the one I want
You are the one I trust
You are the one I need
You are the one who loves me for who I am
You are the one who is always honest to me
You are the one who is faithful to me
You are the one who is my soulmate
You are the one who is the most beautiful to me
You are the one and only for me
You are the one I can always talk to
You are the one who gives me happiness
You are the one I love so endlessly much
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Happy 8 months ^^

I love you so much
That I can't even describe it
And you give me so much
That I can't even think of everything
You help me so much
That I can't even help you as much
I will always love you
More than possible
And try to let you know
How much you mean to me
I wish for 8 more months,
8 more years
8 more decades
8 more centuries...
I want to be forever in your arms
I'm sorry for all the distrust I had
Please forgive me those moments
I love you and I have a lot of time
To make up for my distrust
And for proving you how much I love you

Just a small poem but I hope you like it ^^ I love you <33333
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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(Germany, 1st February 2009)
This poem should've been read to you in the video I made for the six months, but I ended up improvising and leaving this for your Valentine's calendar surprise. So I updated this ;) and here it goes =)

I remember all those moments
The moments that I love the most in my life
Moments, memories, with you
The most beautiful memories that exist
When I wrote the first poem to you
How I wanted to do it secretly
So you could only guess it was for you much later
But you guessed it right away
Your reaction to it made me all fuzzy inside
The first time you said "Love You!"
For you being the first guy who reacted so happy
about my feelings for him
made me so proud of making someone happy
And even prouder because I knew already, you're the best one to give these feelings to
The one who most deserves to feel good
Being loved back by you is a gift from heaven
Opinion by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Cats and dogs

I love you
With mind, soul, heart and body
All of me is yours
You can clap your hands
And right away my heart would be broken
But you won't
And I know
Still I distrust you at times
Where does this bad feeling come from
I want to relax, love you without doubts
Of you being honest and faithful to me
All those misunderstandings
Making me sick
Just because of my past
Everytime I doubt you
Because a situation with you reminds me of my past
I know you'll feel like I'm comparing you
With someone you're not
How can I explain it's not like that?
My subconscious is stronger sometimes
I can't think normally then
I'm eaten by my fears
And overreact as if I was crazy
Although I know you're not like that
I say different
Protecting myself from being hurt
Like a cat bitten by a dog
Just scratching another dog to warn it
Article by leuron posted over a year ago
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I miss you so much...
Two days ago
You left me once again
"See you soon" we said
And each one went his way

This is the last time
We'll be so far from eachother
But I'm missing you so much
Can't wait for that day
The day I'll be with you again
This time I won't leave again
This time there'll be no farewells
No more suffering from missing eachother

Sometimes it really hurts too much
I will be so relieved
Once I see you again
Once I hug you and kiss you
Being able to say
"I'm here, and I'm not leaving"
Will make me so happy

I need you so much
Your eyes looking at me
The most beautiful eyes
Your amazing smile and laugh
Your smell, your touch
Your arms around me
Hugging me very tightly
Your soft lips touching mine
Hearing your sweet voice
Hearing you deny how cute you are
And being even more cute
While doing it
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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7 months

For seven months already you gave me such a lot
You listen to me whenever I tell about my past
No matter if it might hurt you
When I suffer you suffer with me
Thank you for this strength
You are honest with me
and let me know everything about you
Thank you for giving me the truth after all those lies in my past.
You always give me advice
Really help me to calm down, for I am not as understanding with everyone, like you
You analyse the people, I mostly see the bad
Thank you for showing me the good in everyone
You make me smile
You always manage it, no matter if I'm in the mood
I can make the most serious face but a smile of yours is just magical
Thank you for being the sun that brightens my day
You accept my flaws
How you don't mind that I depend on you, that I am jealous sometimes for no reason is just awesome
Thank you for loving me as I am
You don't do anything that could hurt me
Opinion by leuron posted over a year ago
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I miss having you close
Far from each other
Our bodies are separated
But still, our souls
Are always connected

I can feel you here
Every single day
It gives me strenght
And makes me happy

But the connection
Can make me sad too
Cause although I can feel you
I can't actually touch you

I miss having you close
Hugging and kissing you
Looking into your eyes
And tell you sweet things

Being crazy with you
Laughing so much together
I miss hearing you laugh
And the sound of your sweet voice

I miss how cute you are
In so many situations
Making me want to hug you tight
Making my heart so warm

I miss all in you
But you're so worth the wait
I would wait forever
Just to be with my angel

I wanna be with you
Spend all my life close to you
Take care of your heart
Make sure it never gets hurt
Opinion by leuron posted over a year ago
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The only future I want and need
The only future I will accept in my life
Is a future besides you.

It is my dream
And I will chase it
I'll never give up
Until it's fulfilled

Without you
I wouldn't want to live
I would lose a part of me
My happiness would vanish

It's true
That I depend too much on you
And I can see
That you depend too much on me

It's mutual
We're unseparable
Destiny brought us together
Soulmates can't be torn apart

True love
Is endless and pure
Can only grow with time
And it's the greatest feeling

I love you Vanessa
My happiness
My future
My life
My everything

You are the perfect girl for me *-*

Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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A Valentine's story
"Love doesn't know distance"
by Vanessa Hoffmann

"Wake up! Wake up!" I'm calling you.
You're in your bed and wonder what I'm doing there.
"That's not important." I say with a smile. All that matters to me is to make this day the happiest of your life. So I grab your hand, we are just running out of the house, through the sand of the beaches at night, running to all the places that mean something to us. I take you to the stars without telling you how this is possible, I take you to the end of a rainbow, through the most beautiful flower fields, to every place you would like to see. Your eyes shine so brightly, and you are happy, which makes me the most happy person in the world. "Why are you doing all this?" You ask me with a stunned look on your face. "Because it's Valentine's day and I love you. But I love you every other day too." Is my simple but huge answer. Just a few words with such a big meaning. While we are sitting on a cloud suddenly my smile fades away, I fade away. And you're falling asleep, falling back to reality. "Wake up, wake up!" Your mother is calling. You wake up, disappointed that you can't see...
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Without wanting it, I pull people down
I am too complicated to be loved
And still you do
How can you love me?
I don't see a beautiful girl
When I look into the mirror
I see insecurity about who I am
It's impossible to love someone like that
Still you do
I always cry around about my problems
How annoying that is
It's impossible to love someone like that
Still you do
I am often confusing with what I say
Even confuse myself
It's impossible to love someone like that
Still you do
I can have a strange sense of humor
Be weird in general
How crazy it is to love someone like that
Still you do
All night I keep you awake
Because you think too much
How can you love such a selfish person?
Still you do
I am so moody
That you don't have much chance to relax
It's impossible to love someone mean like that
Still you do
I am way too jealous
It's already sick
It's impossible to love a sick person
Article by leuron posted over a year ago
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Since we became a couple
Half a year ago
I am a changed person
You brought my happiness back
I fell in love with you
Even though
I didn’t knew you in person
I just knew you…
The amazing, special person you are
So sweet, honest and caring
Intelligent, romantic and faithful
I was so in love

But still
We needed to meet personally
To be completely sure about this
You came to Portugal
It was like falling in love again
It was magical, and in time I discovered
You didn’t attract me only as a person
But as a woman too
I realized how beautiful and sexy you are
With each passing day
As we got closer
My love kept growing
The doubts just vanished
And I knew for sure
That I wanted to spend my whole life
Taking care of you
Making you happy
Never leaving or betraying you

We got separated again
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Shotgun-Day --'

First I didn't want to get out of the bed, always fell asleep again. Then one of my contact lenses decided to leave me and got broken because I touched it wrong. That's why I had to wear my stupid glasses which made me angry cause I like people wearing glasses - except me --' I hurried because of Mário who came too late as well though --' Both Mário and me were hungry so we tried to eat a big cake without knives or forks xD My grandpa bought it cause he loves sweet stuff --' It was difficult to find out what my grandpa wanted to do on this day, since he, as typically for him, always changed his mind --' We went to the travelling agency to book a flight back to Germany but on that day I really didn't want to even think of going back. Grandpa seemed happy while I was kind of angry with the fact that I actually had to go away from Mário. We went to eat chocolate cake and have a chocolate drink to that (after Portugal I was so sick of chocolate for some days xD) Mário and me wanted to relax at the pension as I remembered that the cleaning ladies havent been there yet --' So we decided to head to Mário's home to eat there. We went grocery shopping and I...
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Today we walked a lot again. First we went to the park but it was too cold so we looked for a bench further away from the sea, away from the MV tree and finally found one ^^ We talked a lot while holding each other *-* And we also got attacked by flies xD They didn't want to go away from my feet anymore which was kind of annoying o.O After we had been there for a while we went to Mário's home but nobody was there. Since Mário had no keys we waited outside in another small park for his mother. It was very windy and my hair got all messy o.O ^^ When his mother came back from work we ate soup. Almost the whole rest of the day we spent with cuddling on his bed which was amazing *-* But also we forgot the time and my grandpa o.O We came one hour too late to the pension and the door of it was closed --' We tried to knock and ring the doorbell but nobody heard us, so we sat in front of the door and went on cuddling there *-* A woman who had seen me very often already asked me if I had a problem cause I was sitting on the ground and looked kind of annoyed at the fact that the door was locked and Mário had his arm around me ^^ lool it was kind of awkward. One hour later my...
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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in the deep ocean....
My heart is yours
Feel it beating in your hands
Can you feel the power?
The power you have to destroy it
The power you have to destroy me
I'm not sure if you are aware
That all of me is yours
Which includes my life
I trust you so much
That you became the owner
Of the deep ocean of love
The deep ocean of love inside of me
Nobody else but you
Has the power to destroy it
Has the power to heal it
Has the power to make it happy
Only you have it
I give you the opportunity now
To take a look inside of it
This deep ocean
You look inside
And see two kinds of love
Both are melting into each other
They are as one
Like us
There's a pure and white part
And a passionate and red part
You wonder if I love two men
And which side to look at first
You decide for the white part
Immediately you are surrounded by warmth
You see something beautiful
Opinion by leuron posted over a year ago
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She's an amazing person. Beautiful, gorgeous, inside and out.
Vanessa Hoffmann
A name
Not just any name
But the name of the one
That I truely love
Even though she's only human
With all her flaws
Like everyone else
She's very special
And what makes her that way
Are her good sides
Far surpassing her flaws

Such an intelligent girl
Different from most girls
Far from superficial
Like most people these days
She's an amazing person
Inside and out
Making me feel the luckiest
To have her love
To have her trust
So understanding and caring

I never felt this happy
Not before that day
The day
An angel came into my life
She is my angel
We were made for each other
I want to make her happy
For as long as I live
Be there for her
As she is for me
She deserves the best
And although I'm only human
With my flaws like everyone