A superficial world
A world of lies, deceiving and betrayal
In a world like this
It's natural that you fear
Fear that I am gonna let you down
That I lie, that I would betray you

But you know?
There are good things in this world too
They are rare, that is a fact
But they exist, I exist
With me, you can let go of all your fears
Trust me and embrace this love completely
For you can't feel totally happy
When you don't really trust me

Making you happy
Seeing your beautiful smile everyday
Is what I want the most
What makes me feel the happiest
Knowing you trust in me
Or that at least you try to
Is a great proof of your love for me

I want you to feel safe in my arms
I want it to be your place of choice
When you want to relax
When you want an escape
From this evil, crazy world
My love shall be your tent
Where you take refuge
And feel the most comfortable

I want to be the one you most need
Either on happy or sad moments
I never want to be the cause
For the sad ones

My love
You can put all your trust on me
You will never get dissapointed
I'll always be honest and faithful
You'll always have my love and patience
For you are the most amazing person I ever met

I love everything about you
Even the flaws, cause I know I'd miss them too
If you were gone from my life

Please stay with me
Give me a chance to take care of you
To make you happy
To be the best for you

Even though I know I'm not perfect
I know my love for you is true
And all my life
I'll only need you