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Ich liebe dich / I love you (from Vanessa to Mário)

Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Ich liebe dich
Du bist einfach unglaublich
Warum können andere nicht sehen,
sie sehen es einfach nicht...
Wie wunderschön und einzigartig du bist.
Besonders du siehst es nicht.
Ich verstehe nicht.
Einen Engel sehe ich, wenn ich dich anschaue.
Warum siehst du dich nicht?
Warum siehst du jemand anderen?
Zu viele Fragen.
Ich habe keine Antworten.
Aber auf die Frage, wie sehr ich dich liebe.
Weiß ich auf verschiedene Arten zu antworten.
Ich liebe dich
I love you.
Du einfach der beste bist, ein Schatz, ein Stern, ein Engel.
Niemand ist schöner, besser als du
Nicht in meinen Augen
Und sie sagen die Wahrheit.
Sie sagen mir, dass du derjenige bist,
derjenige mit dem ich alt werden will.
Du bist derjenige, den ich immer lieben werde.
Sie haben recht.
Niemand macht mein Herz, meine Seele, mein ganzes Ich, glücklicher als du.
Ich danke dir dafür.
Indem ich dir meine gesamte Liebe schenke.
Und sage
Ich liebe dich
I love you.
Ich weiß es ist nicht genug.
Aber wenigstens alles was ich dir geben kann
Ist bereits dein.

Geschrieben für den besten Freund der Welt <3333 meinen Engel, Mário Silva
Von Vanessa Hoffmann

I love you
you are simply unbelievable
Why can't the others see,
they simply do not see it...
How wonderful and incredible you are.
Specially you do not see it.
I do not understand.
I see an angel when I look at you.
Why do you not see yourself?
Why do you see someone else?
Too many questions.
I have no answers.
But on the question, how much I love you.
I know how to answer in different ways.
Ich liebe dich
Amo Te
I love you.
Because you are simply the best one, a treasure, a star, an angel.
Nobody is nicer, not better than you in my eyes And they say the truth.
They tell me that you are the one, I want to become old with.
You are the one who I will always love.
They are right.
Nobody makes my heart, my soul, my whole I, more happy than you.
I thank you for it.
While I give you my whole love.
And if I say
Amo Te
I love you
Ich liebe dich.
I know it is not enough.
But at least everything what I can give you is already yours.

Written for the best boyfriend of the world <3333 my angel, Mário Silva.
From Vanessa Hoffmann

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leuron said:
That was an amazing poem sweetie ^^ I can see you wrote it in German first then translated to English, it's really great, have to try myself to write in Portuguese and then translate, see what comes out^^ Why don't I see myself as the angel you see? Well I'm not sure, I just see a boring guy, who felt weird and diferent most of his life, I made my mistakes in life, things I really regret, but I do know I have a good heart, I'm a good person, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm an "angel" :S I just like to treat the people I mostly love as they deserve, and you are the one I mostly love, and you deserve to be very very happy *-* you have the kindest heart, you treat me better than I could ever think I could be treated, you make me feel the most special and the most happy ever ^^ thank you so much for your love, you are the most special and important in my life, I want to be happy forever besides you *-* I love you *-*
posted over a year ago.
user photo
thank you^^ yep yep ^^ oh if you want ^^hehe =) sorry for the late comment --' I always forgot xD well you're not boring, you're not weird - you're the greatest in my eyes *-* and I try to treat you very well because you're so amazing and so sweet to me. To me you're an angel *-* to make you happy is what I want^^ you're so very welcome for you're the most special and important in my life too *-* awww I want to grow old next to you, the last thing I want to see before I die is your beautiful eyes. I love you too *-*
posted over a year ago.