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Opinion by leuron posted over a year ago
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She's an amazing person. Beautiful, gorgeous, inside and out.
Vanessa Hoffmann
A name
Not just any name
But the name of the one
That I truely love
Even though she's only human
With all her flaws
Like everyone else
She's very special
And what makes her that way
Are her good sides
Far surpassing her flaws

Such an intelligent girl
Different from most girls
Far from superficial
Like most people these days
She's an amazing person
Inside and out
Making me feel the luckiest
To have her love
To have her trust
So understanding and caring

I never felt this happy
Not before that day
The day
An angel came into my life
She is my angel
We were made for each other
I want to make her happy
For as long as I live
Be there for her
As she is for me
She deserves the best
And although I'm only human
With my flaws like everyone
Article by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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You give me your hand
I feel it in mine
It's a strong feeling
You're at a gorge
And I know if I let go
You'd fall
So I won't
Though I feel the power I have
Feeling that I'm able to make you fall
I could never let go
It's just very easy for me
You're the one I love
Why should I want to hurt you?
When hurting you hurts me even more
I see the hope in your eyes
The love
The fear
Seeing you break out in tears
Because I hurt you
Would be a nightmare for me
So I won't
You give me your heart
I feel it beating in my hands
It's the most important thing for me to save
I look at it
It's so fragile
I have the power to take my knife
But it would hurt you
It would kill you
So I won't
You give me your love
I feel it surrounding me
It's the magic that keeps me alive
Why would I want to lose it?
Article by leuron posted over a year ago
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I won't accept another future but one with you in it
Waking up
And although you were with me in my dream
You were not there besides me
Wanted to kiss your forehead while you sleep
Watch the cute face and the peaceful look
While my heart is filled with warmth
The warmth coming from my love for you

It's still weird to not have you here
Still have your smell on my pijamas
Slept with them the last night with you
So close, I miss the closeness

I miss how much we laughed
Hearing your laugh, hearing your voice
the sweetest sounds to me
seeing you smile, melting me
The cutest I ever seen
I miss all that so much
All the moments with you
How we got closer and closer
Beyond perfect to me

Although it's hard to be apart now
I know how real our love is
And how much I want to be with you
So I will never give up
I'll fight for this
And in the end we will make it
I believe in this