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Opinion by HoltNLucy4Ever posted over a year ago
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Mark Sloan is my second favorite male character on Grey's Anatomy because Eric is my second favorite actor not to mention that he is hot and sexy. I love Grey's Anatomy mainly because of Mark played by Eric Dane and Addison played by Kate Walsh. Even when Mark is played by Eric as a manwhore, I still love him. Eric has amazing chemistry with Addison played by Kate Walsh. If and when Eric does leave the show, Mark will always be my second favorite male character. Mark has been so great over the past four seasons because Eric Dane has does an amazing job. I cried when he told Addison that Derek didn't love her and instead loves Meredith and Eric played that scene well. I think it's one of my favorite scenes that Eric has done as Mark over the years. Mark Sloan is and will always be my second favorite male character on Grey's Anatomy just like Eric Dane is and will always be my second favorite actor on Grey's Anatomy.

Opinion by HoltNLucy4Ever posted over a year ago
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Mark and Addison belong together because Mark has told Addison that he loves her.
Mark has told Addison that she's the only woman he has ever loved.
Mark was the one who made Addison see that Derek was in love with Meredith not her.
Mark told Addison that he came to Seattle for her because he wants to be with her.
Addison is the only woman that Mark loves and Mark knows that she loves him.
Mark told Addison he doesn't love anyone else but her.
Addison is the love of Mark's life and the woman he wants to make Mrs. Mark Sloan.
Addison is the only woman that deserves to be Mrs. Mark Sloan.
We love it when Mark is with Addison and we hate it when he's not with Addison.
Mark deserves to be happy and Addison makes him happy.
Mark loves Addison just like Addison loves Mark.
Opinion by supernatural6 posted over a year ago
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Mark & Addison
Okay this article is an article that I have been meaning to write for a while now and I finally have a chance to write it.

So anyways, this article is about my opinion of Mark Sloan's relationships and potential relationships.

P.S. This is my first article so bare with me :P

*** Warning: this article is biased ***

Okay so, first off Addison:

#1 ~ Addison:

So first off, I think Mark and Addison are the best coupling. Addison understands what Mark is like. She knows that he likes to "sleep around" and that he goes from girl to girl and has never really cared for anyone, but she still understands him and is willing to let him into her life. And, I think, that Mark actually meant it when he said he loved her and I believe he did want Addison to have a baby. But, I believe Mark was more dedicated to the relationship than Addison which made the relationship fall apart in the end. Even though it didn't work out, I still think it would have been nice to see where the Mark/Addison relationship would have went.
Article by GA-19 posted over a year ago
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Paging Patrick Dempsey: The competition for sexiest doc alive just got . . . McSteamy! Once a construction worker, Eric Dane joins Grey's Anatomy as surgeon Mark Sloane. The 33-year-old actor took a break from the OR – and revealing shower scenes – to give prescriptions for love, home cooking and washboard abs to PEOPLE's Lisa Ingrassia.

Okay, McDreamy vs. McSteamy – who wins the hotness contest?

I don't feel any competition with Patrick. But he keeps asking me when my calendar is coming out.

Besides the six-pack abs, how are you similar to McSteamy?

We both shower daily! There are a lot of things in common, but just so your mind doesn't go in the wrong direction, it's not the infidelity and deceitful, backstabbing side of him.

How do you maintain those abs?

Weightlifting – it gets the aggression out. No yoga! I'm competitive and you can't score points in yoga.

Unlike McSteamy and Addison, you seem very grounded with your wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart.