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The fans pick: Larxene
The fans pick: The Death Eaters
The fans pick: 1 word: AWESOME XD
The fans pick: Yeah, I do and there's nothing wrong with it:3
Yeah, I do and there&# 39; s nothing...
I guess it&# 39; s possible that...
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ilovepokemon3 said …
i think people forgot about this club........i just found it! Posted over a year ago
suukifox commented…
i joined 2 over a year ago
MarMar_XigLux said …
OH NOEZ!!!:o I think I'm obsessed with Doll-Making games!!!XD Posted over a year ago
gwenmyers1997 commented…
Same here! XD over a year ago
MarMar_XigLux said …
I HATE MY STUPID PC THAT TURNS OFF IN THE EXACT MOMENT I WRITE FRIGGIN ARTICLES!!! UUURRRGGGHHH!!! I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE NOW!!! (I was like...In the end of FFCB II-KingdomHearts Style chapter 2 and my pc turned off and...I CRIED!!! I'M 2 LAZY TO WRITE THAT SHIT AGAIN!!!TT^TT) Posted over a year ago
MarMar_XigLux commented…
I wrote it!!!XD umm...Still writing it lolzXD) over a year ago
Fenrir commented…
haha I'll buy you a laptop for Christmas XD over a year ago
MarMar_XigLux commented…
lol I think when I was threatening it's life it started to work againXD over a year ago