Maroon 5 Ryan is leaving!

harold posted on Sep 18, 2006 at 10:17PM
The drummer for Maroon 5, Ryan - one of the original duo - is leaving the band, after developing nerve and joint problems from three years of constant touring. Will this be the end of the band, or will Maroon 5 survive the split?

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over a year ago dave said…
Are drummers really that critical to a band? I thought they were the most interchangeable of all bandmembers.
over a year ago harold said…
He's one of the founders of the band, though. Also, every musician can have a distinct sound they contribute to a band. Think of the drums in the "Songs about Jane" album: all but a couple of the songs start with distinctive drum riffs. A different drummer would have composed those differently, and so the songs would be different. When I consider both of these things, I wonder how much of their sound they'll keep on the new album.
over a year ago harold said…
So, the new album is due to be released next week, and so far the sound of the album is so different because of the different drummer it surprises even me. Compare:­s/3­097­4