What we know after first half of season 7?
- She is 25 in 2010 (born it 1985)
- graduated high school at the age of 15
- she obtained doctorates in both applied math and art history
- her favorite mathematical constant is Euler's Constant
- her father is a classics professor at Columbia University
- her mother is beautiful, she was student of her father
- there is a 19 year gap between her parents
- her parents are happily married for thirty-two years (in 2010)
- Taub interviewed her when she applied to Johns Hopkins
- she's not really a team player
- Masters would be extra nice to theoretical boyfriend only if she wanted him to gtfo.
- she's single but she doesn't feel like sharing this information with anyone
- she doesn't like idleness

- she has a sense of humor:
House: Honey, could you email our new friend the Captain's log?
Masters: Sure thing, Sexiest American man.

House: Why'd you say that? Seriously... To establish your viewpoint, as if I didn't already know it, or to demonstrate some weird cross-generational female solidarity with Cuddy?
Masters: Actually, I was just trying to fill the awkward silence.