Martin -Bro`Man from the 5th floor.

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Bro'man lives in Martins apartment building, on the 5th floor. Martin tolerates Bro'man's repeated visits. Bro'man often enters and exits through the fire escape window. Bro'man is harmless; a friendly good-natured character.


Martin's having nightmares about Pam. He goes to the fridge for a drink. The window is open and Bro'man is in the kitchen making a huge sandwich.

"Bro'man! it's 3 in the morning! What are you doin' up in here?"

Nothin'... just chillin'. What you doin' up? I usually have the place to myself 'round this hour.

"I keep having these nightmares. You ever have them?"

Yeah. I had a dream one time. I was climbin' this fire escape, and I couldn't make it to the top. So I climbed through the window of this fly-ass crib! With a big see-thru 'fridgerater. It was full a sammiches! But..., but... I couldn't open the door Martin! So I just stood there and cried man. Oh yeah! Bro'man cried.

The Party - Gumbo

It's Martin and Gina's Engagement Party. The place is jumpin.' Bro'man enters through the window. Cole walks over and asks "What's up Bro'man?"

Nothin,' just chillin'... Heard it through the grapevine y'all had some Gumbo up in here. So I just came by to hook me up a bowl.

Bro'man pulls out a bottle of hot sauce and pours it in the Gumbo.

Cole asks "Uh, Bro'man check this out. I've been meaning to ask you something. How come you never use the front door?"

Cause that aint the way I roll. Sometimes a Brother got to do what a Brother got to do.

Bro'man fishes out a crab leg, drops it in his bowl, then heads out the window.


Martin's broke. He's lost his job. The rent's due. It's noon. Bro'man & Martin are watching soaps.

I like to keep up with the soaps Martin. Helps me understand the Honeys. Makes 'em think Bro'man is sensitive.

Gina Enters: "Hi Martin, hi Bro'man, What y'all up to?"

Nothin'... just chillin'

Martin: "Me and Bro'man gonna sell T shirts at the Whitney Houston concert!"

Whitney's large. We 'bout to get paid. My cut's gonna buy a whole lotta sammiches.

Martin: "Right boy! You gonna get cheese on that too! Bro'man, let's roll". Bro'man heads for the window. Martin: "Bro'man! You gonna have to learn to use the front door!" Bro'man looks at the window, then the door, then ducks out the window.

Check ya' downstairs.

Later... Gina: "Hey baby, how'd the concert go?" Martin: "Aint nobody tryin' to buy none of these! Look! Bro'man can't spell! - WHITNY HUSTON - And look at the picture!" Gina: "Martin! That's Bro'man, in a bad wig!"

Gina's Bachelor Party

The male stripper that's supposed to show up at Gina's bachelor party cancels at the last minute. Party crashers Loquita and Keylolo say they know somebody, so Keylolo makes a quick call. Half an hour later, the girls gather and a huge cake is rolled in. The music starts, and Bro'man jumps out! Gina is shocked. "Bro'man! what are you doin' here?" Nothin... just gettin' my strip on.

The Interview

Martin finally gets a job interview. He shows up early. "You'll have to wait Sir, she's with another applicant". "I don't know why, I mean... they called ME!"

Bro'man exits the office dressed in work boots, jeans, shirt & tie.

"Bro'man, Bro'man, Bro'man... what are ya doin' Here Bro'man?"

Nothin'... just chillin'... tryin' to get me this J-O-B-B.

"No you are not here for this job!"

Yeah... they called ME!

After the interview, Martin lands a job as co-producer for a TV talk show! Bro'man is out of luck.
Bro'man lives in Martins apartment building, on the 5th floor. Martin tolerates Bro'man's repeated vi
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