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Christmas With The 'Full House' Twins

Every Christmas Eve, Dave Olsen, Ashley and Mary Kate's Father, cuts sponges into the shape of footprints, dips them in flour and makes little elf prints on the floor throughout the house. Outside, on the front lawn of the handsome 5,800-square-foot home in San Fernando Valley, he puts down prints around a sled-shaped section of the lawn. "The kids still believe that if they don't go to sleep, Santa's helpers won't come," says Dave. But they don't sleep for long. At 5:30 Christmas morning, Ashley and Mary Kate, 6, Elizabeth...
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Twice the Fun-or Double Trouble?
One reporter's harrowing account of a day with TV's most popular munchkins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen by Les Wiseman

They haunt me, those hours I spent with them. I still wake up screaming. For it was a black day in a reporter's notebook when I interviewed the Olsen twins. On the surface everything seemed peachy; spend a day with North America's most beloved double-zygote munchkins. Mary Kate and Ashley, who turned 6 in June, have the sixth-highest TVQ (likability rating), slightly behind Cos and Michael Jordan and above Robin Williams, Kevin...
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Open House

Vicious rivalries? Illicitsex?
Not exactly. Here's the dirt.

ONE YEAR AGO, the world was shocked - shocked - by Barry Williams' revelatory book, Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg. It was all there - Williams smoking pot before work, Florence Henderson joking about oral sex, Robert Reed brawling with the producers, and pairs of the kids fondling each other every time the tutor turned her back.
What if, 20 years from now, Full House's Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, write their memoirs - Growing Up Tanner: We Were Preschool Michelles? A week-long visit to the Full House set on...
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Meet the doubly delightful OLSEN TWINS!
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "Play" Full House's Baby Michelle!

She's adorable, huggable, and oh-so-loveable -she's Full House's little Michelle Tanner. Actually, she's Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the darling twins who portray Michelle on the hilarious Friday night sitcom. In case you didn't know, child actor labor laws restrict young children to acting a limited number of hours a week, so twins are often cast to portray one character. Mary Kate and Ashley have been playing the role of Michelle since they were nine months old. If you watch...
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Too Cool for School?

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Tween Queen Twins! Your new best friends have just arrived...

There's a new girl, Elise, at White Oak Academy--and Mary-Kate and Ashley think she's the coolest. That's why when she forms a new super-secret club and asks Mary-Kate and Ashley to join, they say yes.

They're thrilled--until things start to go really wrong. None of Mary-Kate and Ashley's other friends are invited to join the club! And then Mary-Kate and Ashley find out that the kids in the club have a huge secret -- one that could get them into very big trouble!
"Sierra, guess what day this is!" Fourteen-year-old Riley Carlson practically bounced as she followed her best friend, Sierra Pomeroy, into one of the girls' bathrooms at West Malibu High.
"Hmm." Sierra pretended to think. "It's Wednesday, so could it be..."
"Yes!" Riley cried. "Today's the day the people from Total Makeover are coming!"
Total Makeover was one of Riley's favorite television shows. Last week they had announced a special contest called Total Teen Makeover. They were going to four different high schools and would pick one couple from each to be on the show. Riley nearly passed out...
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...and I'll take mine just like her's
Olsen cuties hit big-time beauty salon for that adorable look

America's favorite twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, recently spent some of their $10 million (each) fortune getting their hair cut and colored at Manhattan's tony John Barrett Salon. He's the stylist-to-the-stars who cuts and fluffs the Friends gang every few weeks. The tiny tycoons decided that if Barrett was good enough to make "The Rachel" the most popular style in town, he was good enough for them. Both got a modified "Rachel" - shorter in front beginning at chin level - and...
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"Mmmm. What's that smell?" Chloe asked as she burst into the living room after school. "Wait. Don't tell me." She closed her eyes and took a deep whiff.
Manuelo, the housekeeper-slash-cook was sitting on a chair in the living room. He had been practically a member of the family for years-especially now that Chloe and Riley's parents were separated. Now the girls lived in the beach house with their mother, while their dad lived in a trailer park nearby.
[Chloe: So why is my father staying in a dinky trailer when Mom, Riley, and I are in a fancy beach house? Well, Dad explains it like this: He's...
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Full House Twins are full-sized handfull as they make their first movie

Full House twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are all sugar and spice when the cameras are rolling - but things aren't always so nice when the half-pint pair decide to just be themselves. It's not that the little ladies have the devil in them -it's just that, like any other 5-year-olds, they can be a real handful when they decide to act their age. That's the low-down from insiders on the set of their hit TV show and charmed crew members who've spent the past couple of months in Vancouver helping the angelic...
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Chloe rolled her eyes. "Riley, this certificate represents promptness, class participation, and good work habits. If I keep this up, I'm going to get a reputation!" "Oh, yeah, I can see it now," Riley joked. "Written on the wall in the boys' locker room: For a good example, call Chloe." "Real funny," Chloe moaned. "Look--you have a free period now. Come eat with me. I need moral support. "Okay," Riley agreed. "I don't have to study for a test. Besides, we can talk about the party. They headed down to the cafeteria, quickly bought their lunch, and found a seat.

"Good citizen award," Chloe muttered,...
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"Don't you just love Fridays?" Chloe Carlson asked, taking three cartons of frozen yogurt from the fridge to the kitchen table. "They're totally the best day of the week!" "Fridays are definitely good. But the best?" Tara Jordan, one of Chloe's closest friends, thought aloud as she plucked three spoons from the drawer. "I'd have to say the best days are Saturdays-no school." "Absolutely," Quinn Reyes, Chloe's other best friend, agreed. She plopped some napkins onto the table. "No getting up at the uncivilized hour of six on Saturdays." "Good point," Chloe said. "But once you hit Saturday, you...
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Full House Dear Michelle
#1 Help! There's a Ghost in my Room!
#2 How will Santa find me?
#3 Who will be my Valentine?
#4 I've got Bunny Business

Full House Michelle (and Friends)
#1 The Great Pet Project
#2 The Super Duper Sleepover Party
#3 My Two Best Friends
#4 Lucky Lucky Day
#5 The Ghost in my Closet
#6 Ballet Surprise
#7 Major League Trouble
#8 My Fourth Grade Mess
#9 Bunk 3 Teddy and Me
#10 My Best Friend is a Movie Star
#11 The Big Turkey Escape
#12 The Substitute Teacher
#13 Calling all Planets
#14 I've got a Secret
#15 How to be Cool
#16 The Not so Great Outdoors
#17 My Ho Ho Horrible Christmas
#18 My Almost...
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"I have a good one," I said to Ashley. We had been riding in our car for hours, and my sister and I were telling riddles. "What flower does everyone have on their face?" I asked.
"I give up," our mom said from the front seat.
Ashley twirled a piece of her blond hair and stared out the window. We passed another farm. We were way out in the country. "Give up?" I asked.
"No way. I never give up," Ashley said, thinking hard. Then her blue eyes sparkled. "I've got it! Tulips! Two lips, right?"
"Right," I said. "Lindsay would like that riddle, don't you think?"
Ashley nodded.
Lindsay Munro is our good...
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Double Play

Mary-Kate and Ashley star as soccer-playing sisters who scheme to trade teams by secretly trading places. But as the plan unfolds, there's chaos on and off the field.

Emma Stanton is a boy magnet.
Her twin sister, Sam, is an all-star athlete.
So what do they do when Emma wants to get closer to her sports-crazed dad, and Sam wants to catch the attention of the cutest boy in school?

Simple. Switch places!

It seems like the perfect plan.
Emma pretends to be Sam on the soccer field, while Sam goes on dates as Emma.
But how long can the girls keep their secret?
And what will happen when the truth comes out?
"How can I do an Irish jig, if I don't have my shamrock?" our friend, Patty O'Leary cried. My sister Ashley and I were standing in front of a stage in the center of the mall. In a few minutes, Patty was supposed to dance in the International Talent Show But we were in the middle of a mystery! Someone had stolen Patty's diamond shamrock pin!
"Don't worry Patty. We have a plan to catch the jewelry thief," I said. Ashley held up a bag that said. SPARKLE JEWELRY on it. "We put some of our own jewelry in this bag," she explained. "I'm going to walk around the mall with it. Meanwhile, Mary-Kate is...
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Mary-Kate and Ashley Parker are hanging out, trying to think of a way to become popular-when a jewel thief trips over their feet!

They've stopped a major crime!
That's the good news.

The bad news is, now the Parker family has to move to Australia to get away from the thieves!

Australia is first.

The girls' plan works, and soon they're part of the popular crowd. But now they've got two problems.

One: The boys they really like aren't part of the in crowd.

Two: The jewel thieves have tracked them down -- and they want revenge!
London Bridges

Mary-Kate and Ashley get the royal treatment taking on the world in this exciting British adventure.

Chloe and Riley Lawrence are going to London! They've been picked to compete with other kids from around the world in a United Nations contest: How Would You Mke the World a Better Place to Live? Chloe and Riley have a great idea and they know they can win.

What Chloe and Riley don't know is that someone wants to make sure they lose. Will they figure out who it is before it's too late?
First day of high school!
Abby: Hope we'll be popular!
Guy: Hey, it's the Parker sisters!
Girl: They are so cool!
Girl2: They're, like, the most popular girls in school!
Girl3: They're, like, the most popular girls ever!
Crowd: Parker! Parker! Parker! (etc...)
Principal: In order of they're courageous contribution to society, they're superior grades, and they're extremely fashionable footwear; I hear by declare today, to be Parker sisters day!
Crowd: (cheering)

Alarm goes off. Abby turn it off
Girls!? You're going to be late for cheerleading tryouts!
Maddie: Great dream!
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By 2002, the British edition of PR Week (November 1, 2002) claimed that mary-kateandashley was the "number one girl's brand in the U.S.," and the brand was on its way to being a juggernaut in Great Britain as well. The Jackie Cooper PR company launched an extensive campaign, building up British girls' awareness of the Olsens, who had long been shown in re-runs in the United Kingdom. The Olsens landed in England in April to do press appearances. Their clothing lines were sold in the United Kingdom at the chain George at Asda. (George at Asda is part of Asda, a British subsidiary of Wal-Mart.)...
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Looking for my Phoenix
Looking for my Phoenix


Chapter 1
"Roxy, here comes your bus."
"Check it out, Is that cool or what!" I said to Jane, bouncing up and down. I could hardly contain my excitement. I knew that from that particular point in time, my whole life was going to change.
There it was, gleaming in the late autumn sunshine, the Simple Plan Tour bus parked outside my house. The door opens with a swisshh and Justin saunters out looking every bit the Rock'N'roll manager with a dark T-shirt and matching denim jacket .
"Yo Rox, we gotta get going."
"Just a minute," I replied. I smiled at Jane who was on the front...
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