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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Opinion Article

Book - Two Of A Kind - The Sleepover Secret

Opinion by servaege posted over a year ago
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What a blast! Ashley is having a sleepover--and Jennifer Dilber, the most popular girl in school, is coming! Ashley works super-hard to make sure her party will be perfect. She doesn't want any surprises. But she gets a big surprise when the girls play Truth or Dare--and Mary-Kate tells Jennifer an amazing secret. A secret she's never even told Ashley...

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been huge international stars since the age of 9 months, when they shared the role of Michelle in the sit com FULL HOUSE. With videos, video games, CDs, dolls, books, a fashion line and a magazine already under their belts in the US, they are poised to take over the UK market in 2002.
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Dear servaege,
I see that you have made many posts, such as this one, under opinions, of the articles section.
I am a bit confussed as to what your opinion is?
The only writing that you have posted is the book summary, found on the back of the book in question, and a short descriptive piece about Mary-kate and Ashley from what appears to be a UK journolist.
I am unsure if you have read the book or have any opinion in favor or otherwise. I hope that you update with your opinion soon, as I for one would be interested in what you, and others thought of this, and other books in the series.

I hope you do not mind me adding my opinion of the book.

Book 3 - The sleepover secret, was written ( adapted by ) Judy Katschke. She wrote at least 10 of the Two of a kind series including some of the "Diaries" issues. I personally enjoy her style of writting and found this book entertaining, especially because it is an adaption of the TV episode which I have seen many times. The "Sleep-over" topic is very relevant to a tween girl, and the story plays out the twins different attitudes and likes very well. The characters are well formed and the story line has several surprises in it.
My favourite part of the story is when Jennifer admits to Ashley that Ashley's decision to wait till you find the right boy to kiss is the mature thing to do. Ashley had held firm to this after having a heart to heart talk with Carrie about kissing boys.
The book itself has bonus photos taken during the filming of the 1999 show and includes some shots that were not seen on the TV episode.
I would give this book in the series a 7.5 / 10 rating, as I do for most of the early adaption from the TV series books.http://images.fanpop.com/images/emoticoons­/sm­irk­.jp­g
posted over a year ago.