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Fan fiction by Thirddevision posted over a year ago
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After That mary unraveld silvers arms and said
"i should Clean you up a bit though you still are covered in some blood". emmbarassedly,"oh ok"silver said a little suprised.So mary went and got a small bucket of water and a wash clothe and started cleaning up the blood off his fur,Thank you silver said with a sootheing exspression on his,face your welcome mary said in reply,so after mary finished cleaning up the blood her mom called so when she went to her mom she started questioning her "who is he,what happend to him,can we trust him?" Mary "yes mom im sure we can trust him" and her mom said"well you just met him how do you know this?" Mary"Iv learned enough about him for me to trust him"
Mom "Well go ask him were he lives ok?We need to get him home" Mary "ok"mary actually didnt want him to go but she came back inside the room and asked him and she was suprised when she heard he doesnt have a place to stay but also happy even though she didnt show it.so she went back to her mom "mom he doesnt have a place to stay" and she said "really?" Mary"yes can he please stay with us we have two spare rooms" "of course we cant leave him out there" and mary overjoyed with the news...
Fan fiction by segafan posted over a year ago
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Mary The Hedgehog
A dark reddish~brown she~hedgehog woke up and yawned. "Another beautiful day", she mumbled, blinking the sleep from her sparkling brown eyes. As she streched, she walked sleepily downstairs to find her mom cooking eggs, bacon, and waffles. "Mary", Her mom said," Could you be a dear and get the syrup and butter out?" Mary nodded and got the stuff. As her mom gave her bacon and waffles, with a side of Oarnge Juice, Mary said,"Mom, I'm going to the mall today, can you give me a ride there at about 3:00(pm)? Her mom just replied, "Sure." And started to eat.


It was 3:00 and Mary was at the front passenger side of her mom's car. As she approached, her mom said," Be careful", and she joked,"And don't forget to get ME something! Mary said," Sure. When pigs fly!" And got out of the car and ran into the mall. Mary's mom shook her head and just drove off.

Mary was in a store, when she saw a yellow and pink blur approaching her. As the blur slowed down, Mary saw that it ws Mina, wearing her dragon dress. "Mary!" Mina called out at her. "Long time no see." Her voice sounded like a songbird, and Mary...
Article by Thirddevision posted over a year ago
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Birthplace:Silver springs MD
Age:(was 12 or 11 when I made her) 15
Fur Color:Reddish brown
Skin color:tan or Golden light brown
Eye color:reddish light brown
pyramidHead Having fun,watching scary an funny movies or shows,Hugs,any type of music,exsploreing the woods,playing games,others.
Dislikes:when people talk to her when she's upset,When herself or other people get teased or picked on,when people think she doesnt like them,so on and so forth.
Attire: (Old:Purple skirt and top,purple shoes)Black jumpsuit with colar metal plate on it Black Boots with green stripish things,braclet with red gem in middle.
Skill:Sports,Weapon summoner,has a super form but hard to come by.
Personality: Friendly cheerful hyper can sometime get made but not all the time n can be spiteful if given a reason.She forgives people very easy,so shes not mad for long.