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Masquerade Fan Club Videos

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Bakugan AMV Dan vs Masquerade

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers (Wii) Part 14: Vs Masquerade

Bakugan Walkingdeadusa vs Masquerade

Masquerade and Alice- Just Like you

Bakugan-Alice - Masquerade is Hot 'n Cold

Masquerade vs Spectra

Alice is Stupid ~Alice and Masquerade~

Masquerade's Lost Story

♪ Masquerade ♪

Masquerade Vs. Spectra

Bakugan - Masquerade/Anubias ~ Disturbia ~

shunxmasquerade the last night

Masquerade - Somewhere I Belong

Masquerade/Alice - Diary Of Jane

Alice and Masquerade AMV This is Me Across The World

The Best Bakugan Battle

Masquerade-Bakugan-I Will Not Bow

Bakugan - VS Masquerade

Dan vs Masquerade ~ Citizen Soldier

Bakugan Masquerade Vs Alice segunda parte

Masquerade and Alice Part 2, Told you so

Masquerade vs Exedra

Masquerade - Masquerade Backstreet Boys

Bakugan AMV: Masquerade All Over Me

Bakugan Dan Vs Masquerade

Alice is Thinking of Masquerade masquelice

Bakugan AMV:Masquerade and Alice Haunted

Masquerade The Phantom of the Opera

Masquerade Secret Agent Man (for all Masquerade Fangirls)

Alice-Moving On (MasqueradeDarkus Contest Entry)

Alice/Masquerade- I Don't Really Like You!

Bakugan Masquerade is not one of use

Bakugan AMV - Masquerade vs. Dan - Waiting For Power

Alice and Masquerade - Diary of Jane

Masquerade and alice amv

Bakugan - Shun/Alice/Masquerade Tribute

Bakugan Alice and Masquerade ~ Bring Me To Life

Bakugan Masquerade AMV

Masquerade and Alice Animal I Have Become!

Until the Day Masqurade Dies

Bakugan-Masquerade is not possible

Masquerade tribute

Alice-Thanks for the memories Masquerade

Bakugan Alice-Masquerade is gone forever

Bakugan AMV- Behind the Mask of Masquerade

Alice and Masquerade-Somewhere I belong

Masquerade Darkus's contest: Time of dying- Bakugan

Masquerade and Alice Bring me to life

Masquerade and Hydranoid- All About Us

Masquerade Tribute- My last breath

Masquerade and Alice Tribute~Just like you