Version of Character (Red): FR/LG/Emerald.

Apperance: FR/LG/Emerald (Emerald and FR/LG have same clothes just has the gloves from the first 2 or 3 chapters. See attached picture(s)

Personallity: FR/LG

Age: 16

Pokemon: Aero, Pika, Saur, Poli, Gyara, Lax.

Other Pokemon I could use: Deoxys (Entinity Two), Mewtwo, and Vee.

Rules: No using other game/anime/manga references, you can start in ANY of the starting towns, but keep whatever starter you have in your game (if you have it or played it anyway..), you may use your levels in the games or make them up, but if you do make it them up no over level 75s (anything under it is fine), more rules I will post soon.

If you are a real character from Pokemon you don't need to follow the town rules.

Emerald Red