Ok,before the events of the pomu saga,Our hero mtl and his roomate stargate headed out into town for a day of greeting the folks,sonic jogged by and said hello.he then said "Hey guys,Theres a lynx in town." matt said "Really?I'd like to meet him." Sonic said "Hes been hanging out with tak and nicole,where've you been?" matt responded "In bed,then jogged off" sonic sarcastily said "Of course you where in bed."

Mtl arrived to great the new lynx,turns out hes been in the city for a long time(of course matt's ussally out taking down geno's armadas one-by-one so he may of not been around).tak said "Hey matt,heres that guy I've been wanting to tell you about." andrian gulped and said "A-are you the legendary hero who k-killed the demon god?" matt asked "Am I really that famous now?" nicole said "Well it was a world-wide fight,you practicley leveled mobuis doing so." matt said "I honestly didn't know that."

Then outta no where,bubba's castle was floating above new mobotroplis,A giant gloved hand shot-out of the mouth of bubba castle and snatched nicole.reacting quicking,our trio grabbed on to the wrist of the giant mechanical hand and yanked back!they struggled in a tug of war until the hand pulled on 4 of them up into bubba's castle,bubba flapped down and said "I'M BACK!!!" matt said "Do you ever learn?" adrain said "WHAT IS THAT THING!?!" nicole asked "AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME,BUBBA?" adain mumbled "Bubba?Thats a stupid name." matt smirked then yanked nicole back.

Bubba attacked.he inhailed tak,matt rapidley fired spikes outta his arms and peirce bubba's stomach,but bubba regenerated the flesh.tak repeadly lashed out dark and light energy blasts inside bubba's belly,but bubba just opened his mouth and fired the blast at matt...it was a cheap shot!it knocked him out,adrain quickly reacted and whipped out burning sally and sliced bubba in half!tak jumped out then used dark chaos energy blast on bubba,but the dark energy orb got caught between bubba's halfs as he regenerated,fusing bubba and the dark chaos energy creating DARK CHAOS BUBBA!

Dark chaos bubba used toxic blast,matt snapped out of it and generated a barreir,it bounced of and knocked a hole in the wall.nicole quickly scurried behind bubba and hack the castle's control pannels,bubba distracted by the fight didn't noticed.matt used fire breath and ignited bubba!!!adrain use his gun and shot bubba in the eye,tak switched to light chaos and lashed at bubba!!!bubba KOed and the dark power faded.nicole hacked the control pannel to make the flying castle's shoot to the moon,the foursome quickly teleported back to new mobotroplis.they watched as the castle exploded upon leaving the atsmospear.