Part 3
Time: about 2 in the afternoon
Place: New Mobotropolis surroundings
What so far: Matt meets Tak. They Talk about two villains. One of the villains comes. They battle it.

Ten minutes had gone by since the first assault, and The two heroes were getting bored and tired. “Can’t we just break it, or blast it across the world, or something”? Tak said panting. “Wait… that gives me an idea”. Matt said. “Care to sh”- Tak tried to say just before getting swatted across the face by Geno.
After they had landed, Matt told Tak about his “plan”. They stood up and with a deep breath yelled out “Hey Geno! They say some have faces only a mother could love, and since you have no face, no mother’s love”! Tak insulted. “Not that I could blame her. Matt added. If I were your mother I would kill myself already”! The young lynx insulted.
Geno was furious. He rushed to attack, but Matt and Tak were ready this time. Tak turned dark force, while Matt charged up life-force energy, then they both zoomed to meet with this sticky threat.
Matt and Tak jumped on to the top of Geno’s head(or the head area), and shot energy spears at him. He then tried to grab them, but instead they grabbed him. They landed on to the ground, then started spinning in circles. With every circle they spread out farther and farther, until Geno had finally broken in two.
Next Tak started spinning around the damaged Geno creating a sort of cyclone. Matt then charged an energy bolt until it changed from red to white. Finally Tak stopped running and fell down in dizziness. Matt then lunged the energy bolt at the giant tornado, which in turn drain Geno’s life-force.
The defeated slime…thing fell to the ground motionless. Matt walked over and pulled up Tak from under part of Geno’s slime. “Could you stop the room please? I want to get off”. The very dizzy Tak said, as he tried to walk forward.
A few minutes later, The two comrades were sitting at a table in the Market place, congratulating each other in the great victory. “Too bad that slime guy was all spread out. I still got some of him in my fur”. Tak said in frustration. “Well, at least he’s beaten for now. But I still don’t know how I got here, and why”. Matt said.
“Well, I could bring you back to your time if you want, or you could try to figure out this whole Mystery”. Tak hinted. “But I don’t even know where to start! Matt complained. Maybe where you first woke up”. Tak comforted.
“Okay. I think I woke up around… um… it was canyon like, with a giant circle thing next to me, and all desert”. Matt remembered. “Oh great”. Tak said sarcastically. “What”? Said Matt. “I think you’re talking about the Sandblast city. It holds so called “Freedom fighters” in it, but more like freedom stealers. And seeing how I’ve never been there, and you probably haven’t, It looks like they aren’t gonna be friendly easily”. Tak explained. “I know what the Sandblast Fighters are, but That does seem painful. Okay, let’s go”! Matt said as they got up from their chairs and started off to the city’s exit.