They look so sad!! Give them a Chance!!
Several weeks ago the best moment happened on GH, Maxie told Spinelli she loved him. It was the best thing to happen in a long time, because the only other people I really care about on that show are Patrick and Robin, and you all know how that storyline is going. So this was an extremely exciting moment, and now they don't even acknowledge that it happened. They are doing this stupid "Johnny and Maxie want to hook up but can't because of Lulu and Spinelli" story. Don't get me wrong I don't really like Johnny and Lulu together anymore, but i definetly do not want Johnny and Maxie together. They completely disregard it as something that happened, sometimes i feel like Guza doesn't actually want them together, he just likes to tease us Spixie fans with little moments.

It's like he never planned on getting them together but he must not realize that he created a fan base for this couple. But they just don't want to follow through. I don't think that Guza likes to please the fans, he continues to go on with "the Soprano" storyline, no offense to anybody who likes these storylines, but I think that storylines on soap operas need to go back to the romance and adventure that they used to be.

This part of the article is a rant about Nikolas and Nadine. I loved these two together, I thought that this was the perfect follow-up relationship to Nikolas and Emily, and then I found out that Natalia was coming back and I was like "Oh No!!!!" and they did exactly what I thought that they were going to do. Force Nikolas and "Not" Emily down our throats and completely get rid of Nadine, who was one of my favorite characters on the show and they could have easily paired her with Matt.

The whole part of that previous paragraph was to give another example of how the show continues to kill off, not literally of course, some couples that could be great. And I personally do not want that to happen to Maxie and Spinelli before they even get a chance so i am asking all of you Spixie fans to show your support, join groups, sign petitions, make videos, and anything else it takes for Guza and the rest of the writing staff to wake up and realize that Spixie are magical together and give them the chance that they deserve.
They deserved a Chance!! R.I.P. Nikodine
They could have been great together!! Goodbye nadine, I'll Miss you!