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im sooooooo pissed **SPOILER**

why did fang have to go...
way to go for the author to RIP MY HEART OUT!!!!!!!
I hate angel end. of. story.
O... and don't forget Dylan maxes perfect other half... thats just great :(
 kkluvbr posted over a year ago
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Maximumridefan said:
Amen. I hate both Angel and Dylan. And the worst part is that I read somehwere in a spoiler that Max is going to develop feelings for Dylan. I swear, if she decides she's in LOVE with him, i'm done with the books. Major Fax fan here
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posted over a year ago 
what the... really... Crap!!!!!!
kkluvbr posted over a year ago
yes i agree total heart ripper
HuddyLover1 posted over a year ago
I hate Angel too
kidneey posted over a year ago
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